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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

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Detail Flurry

Basic Information:

Flurry is a female Samoyed who lives with Star, She is a retired sled dog who now happily watches from the sidelines with Jenna, Dixie, and Sylvie. However she wasn't always ok with being sidelined. Flurry was devastated when her career tanked, and the story of her "Failure" had spread wide among the other working dogs.

The story of how she and her Co-lead lead her team and musher into a blizzard and across  frozen waters to which the ice cracked, the sled was ruined and Flurry's whole team lost, she was however, able to lead her musher through the blizzard and off of the ice by barking so he could hear her and find his way. Once on shore, Flurry dug a hole in the snow, and curled up next to her musher to keep him warm  until a search party finally found them days later. 

Flurry doesn't like to talk about it, and it almost cost her, her leg from frostbite instead it just aches terribly from time to time. She used to be a legend because of her number of races won with her team before the shadow was cast over her. Star, her best friend, tries his best to change the subject when it is brought up, but often finds himself torn in situations where Steele is involved. As Flurry and Steele are heated rivals, Steele never misses a chance to remind her that she is a has-been. Regardless, Flurry's friends believe that she could still beat Steele in a race if she was really pushed to do so.

Considering Balto, Flurry used to distrust him, being part wolf. She has defended her musher with her team in a bast from a wolf here and there and always saw them as violent and un civilized. However, over time Flurry is convinced by Jenna, and later Star as well, that Balto has a good heart, and slowly they become friends having experienced nearly similar sled trials and sharing a foe in Steele.

Once Nome is safe, Flurry's Owner's daughter, known as Darla Darling returns home, and decided to borrow Flurry as a calm experienced Dog to train other dogs for sled teams. Flurry has worked Lead and Swing and gladly teaches young hopefuls to ropes. She helped trained Dusty, and Dusty who was separated from her own mother who lived elsewhere, looked to Flurry as that parental figure. Flurry having no pups of her own yet, was happy to have Dusty around, being imported herself having known her own mother for a short time, Flurry understands the need for that person you can talk to.

Star and Flurry's Owner, becomes older and movies in with his Daughter Darla Darling and her Fiance Duke, where they raise and train future sled dogs. Currently, Flurry still has her job training new hopefuls, and spends her evenings with Star and Dusty chatting about their day while chewing on scraps they puppy-eyed from the butcher.

Species: Samoyed Female

Personality: Calm, level-headed, and driven. Flurry is a hard worker, and has a caretaker personality. She is happiest when put to work or taking care of others.Flurry has a bit of a failure complex but her friends tend to help her though it. Flurry suffers from PTSD and becomes skittish during windy or extremely snowy weather.

Relations: unknown Samoyed (mother), Unknown Samoyed (father), Unnamed (owner) Darla Darling (owner)

Friends: Star ( house mate, confidant), Jenna (crying shoulder, support system), Dixie (Grooming day buddy), Sylvie (where she gets all her gossip), Balto ( sled talk buddy and both like to ride in the plane.), Dusty (adoptive daughter and pupil), Stella (she likes to hear stella sing, and watch her fly), Duke (first owner's future son-in-law and Second owners fiancé)

Foes: Steele (Rival), Kaltag (annoyance), Wolves (doesn't trust them), Balto (used to be wary of him)


  • Her colors are inspired by The White Wolf and Dixie.
  • she was rendered from a screenshot of the thicker sled dogs on Steele's team, Steele, and Jenna.
  • Has a fear of snow storms, and extreme wind, she also won't cross frozen water is she can avoid it as the sounds of the ice takes her back to a bad place.

Character Summary - Universal Relation:

In short, Flurry, is sled dog with the story of "Fame to Shame" she lives with Star and has many friends among the dogs of Nome, She is a rival of Steele and her new owners are well-known figures among the town. Darla Darling the Sled dog Trainer and Duke the mailman.


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August 16, 2020
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:) thank you I am glad you like her

August 14, 2020
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Kiburi Baaydaye
She's really cool, I love her story and how she's so connected the the characters! Plus she's a real beauty :JennaLove:

August 13, 2020
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:StarSmile: Thank you!

August 13, 2020
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Oh wow a very cool char!

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