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Fluffy (Mogo)

Fluffy (Mogo)


Created by : mogo zoo13

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Black

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Fluffy (Mogo)

Name: Fluffy

Nickname/s: Fluff, Fur ball

Breed: 100% Purebred Husky

Age: Depends on use, is older than jenna

Gender: Female

Mother: Freckles (c)me

Father: Lookenoh (c)me

Siblings: Flower and Belle (Sisters from the same litter)

Cousins: Unknown

Mate: Unknown yet

Pups: Unknown yet

Nieces and Nephews: Jenna.Jannenah,duna,luna,jim,tim and bob, some unnamed one's too.

Great Nieces and Nephews: Alue,Kodi,Saba, Dingo, two unnamed pups, Brad, Balto jr,Jackson,Kyle,jane,jannet, James and Jackson (Balto and Jenna had three Litters of pups in my universe), and many more

Likes: Chasing Birds, pretending that she came from a Royal Husky family

Dislikes: when others annoy her, when her sisters get picked on by other dogs


  • can be a bit snobby sometimes
  • very serious
  • still loves to play jokes on her family and her humans
  • Is a Daddy's Girl

Relation to the Balto universe: Is Jenna's Aunty, is the Great Aunty to Alue,Kodi,Saba, Dingo, two unnamed pups

History:  Fluffy was born into a loving family, she had two sisters from the same litter as her. Fluffy has always been a Daddy's girl since she was born, sometimes Fluffy and her sisters pretend that they are from royalty etc. Fluffy has always been a bit of a snob when it came to doing things like going into town and socialising with other dogs * yes she is the type of dog who doesn't like non-purebred dogs and is really nasty to them*.

Fluffy's owner spoils her rotten, Fluffy gets groomed and pampered way too much for a husky. Fluffy does go and hang out with her sisters and parents, she plays the best jokes on them and she's better than her dad at jokes. Fluffy got very excited when she found out her sister flower was expecting pups, Fluffy couldn't wait to be an aunty.

The day came for Flower's pups to arrive and Fluffy couldn't hold back her excitment and  later that day she, Belle and their parents Lookenoh and Freckles where able to go see Flower and her pups, Flower had asked Freckles to name one of the pups and freckles called the pup jenna. As months went by, Fluffy would often visit and babby sit jenna and her siblings, fluffy taught jenna and her siblings how to spot birds and how to sneak up on them and catch them and release them, sometimes by the end of the day you can see Fluffy curled up asleep under a tree with her nieces and nephews, and Jenna would be curled up asleep in fluffy's paws.

years later when Jenna met Balto, Jenna tried to intoduce Balto to Fluffy and Fluffy really Didn't like balto and was a bit mean and nasty to him as she looks down upon half breed dogs etc., Even though Fluffy really doesn't like Balto very much, she wants Jenna to be happy and so she tries to pretend that balto is a new species of purebreed dog but sometimes even that doesn't work. Sometimes when Balto is around jenna, Fluffy avoids jenna.

When Balto and jenna had pups, Fluffy was unsure what to think of them as most of them looked like normal husky's except one, that one looked more wolf than what balto did. As Much as Fluffy didn't like the pups she still spent time with them as did Fluffy's two sisters *one of Fluffy's sisters is Jenna's mother*

Headshot and Body Bases(c) DragonWithAShotgun on Devianart

Character's design (c)me *just a redesign from a previous design*



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