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Created by : -WildFire-

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Specific type : ---------


Detail Eva

Name: Eva

Species: Gray wolf

Gender: Female

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: None (only pup)

Mate: None

Pups: None


Story: Eva was born to a wolf couple in a small pack, as their own pup. Her parents belonged to what was pretty much called the "lower part" of the pack, they usually got the last scraps of food and so on. As a pup, Eva didn't quite feel like she fit in with the rest of the pack, other pups sometimes made fun of her because she looked a little different than the others, but still her spirits were high, and she believed there was a place for her in the world that she'd just need to find. She had a close bond with her parents, but her being the only pup only resulted them being extra protective towards her, which sometimes annoyed Eva, though she knew her parents only thought what was best for her. Eventually, Eva grew from a pup to a beautiful young adult, and figured it was finally time for her to set out to find her destiny, and her own place in the world. She said goodbyes to her parents and her packmates, and left. She hadn't gotten long, until she accidentally crossed a huge grizzly bear's territory, and had to fight for her life for the first time. Unfortunately Eva was severely injured in the fight against the bear, and her only escape from certain death was to jump into a rapid river. She had blacked out, and the current had carried her far away to new lands. Eva had been washed up to the river's shore, from where two strange wolves found her, and took her to their territory. When she awoke the next morning, Eva found herself laying in a cave, with a large black wolf sitting next to her. She was frightened, but the wolf assured her there was no need to fear, and introduced himself as Cherokee, the leader of the pack. He welcomed Eva to stay with them as long as she needed to recover from her injuries, and she, reluctantly at first, accepted his offer. Eventally her wounds started to heal and as she was able to walk again, Cherokee's son Denali  offered to show her around the pack's lands. At first Eva wasn't sure how to feel about the alpha's son, he seemed rather careless and reckless and almost like he didn't care at all about the responsibilities that awaited for him, at times he could seem extremely irritating and immature, but there were also times when she saw a whole another side of him: Denali could also be very kind and friendly and an excellent listener, and eventually, despite him sometimes being a bit of a punk and annoying her to the core, the two became close friends, and Eva started to think that maybe she had finally found the place she belonged to.

Relation to Balto: Friend of Denali, who is Balto's cousin. 

Voice actor: Floor Jansen


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