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Damon (xSilencex)

Damon (xSilencex)


Created by : xSilencex

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Damon (xSilencex)

Name- Damon

Nicknames- None

Breed- Wolf-Husky

Sex- Male

Age- Depends

Fur Color- Browns and Creams

Eye Color- Blue

Other Appearance things:Nothing out of the ordinary

Job- None, lives outside town in the wild

 Mate- None (Had an ex mate)

Crush-  Neco, *Closed*

Crusher- Neco, open

Friends- NecoSedonka, open

 Parents- Balto x Jenna

Siblings- Aleu, Kodi, etc... 

Halfsibs- None

Pups- Jinx

Grandpups-  None

Rendered- Doesn't matter

 Personality- Damon is a laid back guy, he does what he wants but he is extremely nice at the same time, he is not someone you would want to mess with. He wants nothing but the best for his friends and family and for everyoen to be happy but he understands that he cannot live his life putting everyone before him, he thinks realistically and will not do things for no reason. 

Likes- Being out in the wild, Neco, his family, the night, stars.

Dislikes- Anything that would be annoying.


As a pup he was born in Nome to Balto and Jenna's litter.( Would be later, around the age of what Aleu or Kodi's children would be). Out of all the pups, Damon was the most wolf-like, not in looks, but personality wise. He only really stayed in contact with his litter of siblings, but he was told of his other family. He was always having fun, making people laugh and happy and then one day he met a pup named Neco, friend of his sisters pup. She was great, fun, but shy and seemed to keep to herself. Once Damon got her out of her shell they became close friends, always hanging out when they could and were as close as can be. 

As Damon got older he realized that living in a town was no for him. He soon was allowed to go off on his own and decided that he wanted to go live in the wild with Neco, his best friend. Everything was great, he was with a beautiful girl, having the time of his life until he realized his feelings for Neco were more than just liking her as a friend. He knew she felt the same way but it just was not the right time for them to be together in that way, then he met a nother girl. She was beautiful, snotty, but pretty. Damon started to leave for nights at a time to stay with his new mate, leaving Neco all alone in the dark and sometimes in strange places. One night Neco begged him not to leave, that something was around, but Damon had to go, his mate wanted him with her that night, so he left Neco, she was just his friend, his mate had more power over his life now. When he returned the next morning he found his best friend basically lying dead on the ground. He was devestated, he made a promise to always be there for her, that he was hers, he wanted to make he happy and safe but Neco was mad, she told him something was around but he didn't listen, when she said it was too late she just limped away from him, not looking back,

After Damon lost Neco he stayed with the female and they lived on their own, not having pups or making a pack, just lived with eachother, they would visit Nome but his family was angry with him for what happened to Neco so visits did not last long. One day they found a new village, and went to check it out but were confronted by Neco, who was very upset. She told them they were not welcome, and his mate just growled at her making things worse, so Damon returned a few nights later alone, tryign to make up for what he has done. 

They do end up as friends, but that is later on, so they will be seen together c:

Relation to Balto- Son of Balto and Jenna

Gen: Would be after Aleu's gen, so around the age of what her pups would be.


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He's awesome! -Faves-

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