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Chester (Ani)

Chester (Ani)


Created by : Animorphs#1

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Chester (Ani)

Name: Chester

Age: Young Adult/Adult

Breed: 1/2 Husky, 1/4 Border Collie, 1/4 Dalmatian

Parents: Malcolm and Adorabella

Siblings: Tanner, Quil, Mavis, and Percia (first litter)

Mate: Fallon

Pups: ----

Personality: Chester is a complete goofball. He's a jokester and a carefree spirit that usually doesn't have a worry in the world. He's sweet and loves to make others laugh. Because of his carefree attitude, he doesn't take much seriously and that sometimes annoys others. He has a wild imagination and can be very childish and playful.

His intentions are always good and he's a total momma's boy. He's a complete mess when it comes to girls and stumbles over his own words around them. When he's upset, he clams up and refuses to talk to anyone, but his silent treatments don't last too long. He doesn't have the best memory and tends to forget things a lot. He

Likes: Playing, having fun, his owner, biting shoes, making others happy, being outside, making friends, flying, Duke

Dislikes: Being scolded, when others are mad at him, being kept inside

History: Chester was born last in a litter of five to a rather unaccepted couple in Nome, Alaska. He and his brother and sisters lived the life of luxury in a more wealthy home and were well known around Nome and White Mountain. Chester was always an immature pup and required closer attention so he didn't get into any trouble. He and his sister Mavis were the two troublesome pups that would get into anything and everything. He developed a closer bond to his older sister and it always stayed that way.

He was adopted by Duke when he took permanent residence in Nome and has stuck by his side since he was a pup. He and Duke would fly often and it only spurred on Chester's imagination. Chester forms a mutual relationship with Kodi and Kirby and others on the sled team, but doesn't talk to them as much. If Chester isn't with his siblings or his friends, he's with his human, Duke, where he loves to be.

Relation to Balto: Mutual friendship with Kodi, Kirby and others on the mail team (c) Universal; he is owned by Duke (c) Universal

Voice: Greg Cipes


- Chester's right ear droops

-Chester only has three spots on his right side, specifically on his face. Below is a close-up of his face markings.


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