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Detail Bruno

I got him from Kemiro thanks ^^

Name : Bruno

Age : Around Aleu and Kodi's age younger than Balto and Jenna (I can do a picture of him as a cute puppy)

Breed : A cannan and Lab mix along with a part wolf , a German Shepred and a pomernian

Gender : Male

Parents : Mashnika X Hunter (my charries)

Siblings : None

Family : Slyvie , Kodi , Aleu , Jenna , Balto , Saba and Dingo

Crush : Rook (Wildin'FreeEagle)

Mate : Hopefully Rook

Pups :  None

Personality : He is brave like his father and good listener like his mother,  he is a flirty boy and he will protect his beloved ones.

Likes : His parents, girls (3>) Being free , meeting friends , hunting , race in the snow , pup sitting (sometimes) and just be happy

Dislikes :  Blood, guns , getting collasped or be killed by. Being alone and being hungry ,hot days , when he wants a girl but he can't find one.

Story : Bruno was the son to Mashnika and Hunter. Bruno had a good childhood he met his family Balto , Jenna and thier pups and Slyvie. The Caanan mixed pup liked them , he always played with his parents , he loved his parents both. When Bruno was aroung Kodi and Aleu's age he said goodbye to his parents and searched himself to find a mate but then he came back to his parents and he missed them but still he wanted a mate and will never leave his parents or his mate when he will have. Later he met Rook and he  began to love her and hopes they will be together

Why he is related to Balto : Slyvie , Kodi  , Aleu , Saba and Dingo and Jenna and Balto are in his family

Base by Kemiro


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March 14, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Aww thanks Kemiro and you're so welcome

March 14, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Awesome :Love: He's such a sweetie. I'll have to actually draw him one of these days.
(And he's the only character on this site with the name Bruno without any extra characters added to his name XD)

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