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Belle (Mogo)

Belle (Mogo)


Created by : mogo zoo13

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark red

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Belle (Mogo)

Name: Bella

Nickname/s: La la, Bells

Breed: 100% Purebred Husky

Age: Depends on use, is older than jenna

Gender: Female

Mother: Freckles (c)me

Father: Lookenoh (c)me

Siblings: Flower and Fluffy (Sisters from the same litter)

Cousins: Unknown

Mate: Unknown yet

Pups: Unknown yet

Nieces and Nephews: Jenna.Jannenah,duna,luna,jim,tim and bob, some unnamed one's too.

Great Nieces and Nephews: Alue,Kodi,Saba, Dingo, two unnamed pups, Brad, Balto jr,Jackson,Kyle,jane,jannet, James and Jackson (Balto and Jenna had three Litters of pups in my universe), and many more

Likes: Being around her Humans and Spending time with her family

Dislikes: nothing really


  • can be a bit silly sometimes
  • Can be a goofball like her father
  • Loves her humans

Relation to the Balto universe: Is Jenna's Aunty, is the Great Aunty to Aleu,Kodi,Saba, Dingo, two unnamed pups

History:  Belle has a loving family, she has two sisters and a loving mother and father who are just ordinary purebred husky's. Belle is a massive goofbal like her father and she can be a bit to silly sometimes. Belle has wonderful human owners, she's loves them very much and her favourite human is the little girl who picked her when she was up for adoption.

Belle love's spending time with her human family and her dog family *sorry i couldn't explain that properly, thats the best i can do for now*, she loves messing up Fuffy's fur and laughs at the face fluffy makes when her fur is messed up and everyone else in the family laughs aswell, as it's really funny.

Belle spent some time with Flower's pups and Belle's favourite niece and Jenna *Jenna is also fluffy's favourite which is weird*, and Belle also has a favouite nephew which is Bob, Belle loves spending time with Bob and Jenna she teaches them how to be silly and to have fun, they played some jokes on some of their family members.

Many years later when Jenna introduced Balto to Belle, Belle welcomed him into the family and didn't mind Balto at all, and all that mattered to Belle was that her niece jenna was happy. Belle got very excited to learn that Balto and Jenna where having pups, but when the pups arrived Belle was like Fluffy and didn't know what to think of them, but Belle thought that the odd coloured one was adorable and ask jenna what the pups name was and Jenna said it was Aleu. 

Belle took aleu for afternoon walks and sometimes aleu would get upset because she doesn't look like her brothers and sisters, Belle would often say to her that being different is unique and cool and that she shouldn't be upset about it.

Headshot and Body Bases(c) DragonWithAShotgun on Devianart

Character's design (c)me *just a redesign from a previous design*


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