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Arthur (roxie)

Arthur (roxie)


Created by : roxie

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Specific type : ---------


Detail Arthur (roxie)


Name:  Arthur
Breed: Husky/wolf
Sex: Female


Personality: playful,shy,kind and can get a bit defenceive
Talents/ Abilities: singing, raceing and has a way with pups
Weaknesses: car't stand up for her self if bullied or teased she just takes it then crys later.
Dreams: to love and be loved back
Fears:  the dark spirders and being alone


Colors: brown, dark brown, green and white
Paw Pads: white
Inner Ears: dark brown


Parents:balto and jenna ( second litter)
Siblings:older siblings Aleu
Love Interest: her best friend
Mate: too young
Pups: none, but she will baby sit for any one

History Daughter of Balto and Jenna, Arthur was born out of a litter of three puppies. Taking traits from a wolf, she looks more like a one. Like her father before her, she will be brought to face the harsh judgment from being part wolf. She remained with her parents until adulthood. Balto has hidden the truth about her origins like he had with Aleu, and Balto eventually is forced to confess to her. Rebellious and full of rage, Arthur ran away to attempt to discover the wild side of herself. She finds a wolf pack and her older sister Alue let her stay.  

It’s a lovely sunny day. Arthur went for a walk and found Aleu standing alone; Arthur went over to ask if he was alright. 
"Aleu? Are you ok? You have been a bit strange lately" said Arthur.
“Mmm....What? Oh yeah, sorry Arthur ....i, i was just you know thinking to myself about niju."(Hiding a secret from Arthur).
"What about him?" asked Arthur?
“I don't really know, I miss him." said Aleu
"Why?" Asked Arthur.
Aleu was staring into space again. "Aleu?"
"Oh, Arthur I’m sorry, I just can’t get him out of my head". Said Aleu.
The two sisters walked together as they spoke of Niju.
That night.

Arthur was walking around with some of the other wolves when she saw Aleu sneak past.  Curious, Arthur followed her sister to a deep cave on the edge of their territory.

Arthur looked in Aleu was talking with Niju. Arthur gasped. Aleu turned. Nothing there.  Turns out that Aleu and Niju have been seeing each other for a while.

The next morning, Arthur asked Aleu  about it. Aleu : should I tell her or should I tell her with niju? She thought
"Arthur do you want to know?" asked Aleu
"Yes..." said Arthur.
"Good. then meet me in the deep cave to night" she said
Arthur did what she was asked. Aleu was laying on the floor and Niju standing next to her nuzzling her. 
Niju stepped forward. "Arthur,  Aleu and I have some news for you" he said. Arthur looked at Aleu very lost. “Arthur...." Aleu looked up at her. “Arthur ...I’m Pregnant"...
 Arthur just stared at her . Aleu froze, staring back at her. Arthur’s expression made her look strange a bit crazy. Arthur’s eyes moved slowly to Niju. Then her face went ugly and distorted and she stormed across the cave yelling. Aleu and niju stood side by side and Aleu  opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. It was too late. Arthur reached them, Screamed at Niju, grabbed him, shoved him, and he fell over.
Aleu heard herself yell out Arthur’s name. Aleu turned to Niju who appeared to be more mystified then hurt, and opened her mouth to explain. But there was nothing to say to Niju not now. There was just a huge dragging sensation in her stomach as if was ripping apart.
Aleu ran after Arthur. By the time Aleu got out of the cave Arthur was already gone. Aleu had no idea where she could have gone but ran east any way.  Aleu came to a road and stopped. Aleu had seen a road before but could not remember were.
Aleu ran and ran even with the broken glass over the road. She  past bushes with drops of blood on them and that made her ran faster thinking of Arthur. The next moments were a haze. there were lights every were, humans rushing about, and.... Balto and Jenna (mum and dad). Aleu ran to them asking if they'd seen Arthur. "Aleu, she's fine the humans have got her at the vets, she'll be just fine" said Jenna. Balto hugged aleu. " it's been so long" he wispered. Arthur was out of the vets in a few weeks later. " i'm so sorry im sorry for everything" said Arthur. " shhh..." said Aleu just rest.

. hope you enjoyed Arthurs page

No critics please.



Relation to Balto:  Balto and Jenna are her parents.Aleu is her older sister.
Name Meaning: noble, courageous


Head base by  Celeste

Body base by Celeste


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Last comments

June 23, 2016
Australia Is not currently on the site
So being rebellious is means your a brat dose it?
i am letting it go i was only asking for her not to be called a brat

June 21, 2016
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Gr... Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Path of the Demon
You left a comment (after a mod cleaned up the section) and I replied. :icon297:

I only mentioned that your character was "bratty" because your bio, for the most part, reads just like Aleu's bio. It's a well-known fact that Aleu's character is bratty, so It was an appropriate (censored) to use here. You also described Arthur as being rebellious and full of rage, which can define a brat.

Now, can we let this go and move on?

June 21, 2016
Australia Is not currently on the site

Im not doing drama so yes it's a past issue so why'd U bring it back up?.... i was only asking you not to call my character bratty....

June 19, 2016
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Gr... Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Path of the Demon
That's a past issue that's not worth bringing back up (there isn't any need for drama), so I will just leave it be.

But if I can give you some advice (I know I said I was going to leave it alone, but I felt this was worth mentioning), you should be more open to constructive criticism. Criticism is there to help you improve yourself (in some cases) and your work, not hurt you. And to be honest, telling people to not critique (note: there is a difference between criticism and a critique) your work isn't necessarily going to stop them from doing so. If what they're saying is constructive and not bullying the receiver, then their post is not against the rules.

June 19, 2016
Australia Is not currently on the site
Ok. Arthur is not a "repeat of Aleu" read her histroy. Please don't call my charater " bratty". her Design comes from my friend in real life's dog who looks like a husky. so im trying...

June 06, 2016
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Gr... Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Path of the Demon
This character seems like a repeat of Aleu to be honest. :/ I mean, I highly doubt that Balto would, again, keep a secret (if they were to have another litter) like that from one of his offspring. And the likely hood of them dealing with another bratty pup, which also happens to be a female, is unlikely.

There are also issues with the grammar and spelling throughout the bio. I would highly suggest that you enable spell check (click on the ABC icon with the check mark in the text editor, then click on "enable SCAYT"), then fix the grammar in the bio.

Also, incomplete characters are against the rules. I'm going to assume, since you mentioned that you plan to add more details later, that's the case here.

I personally don't have a problem with the design, really. It looks similar to what you would call a "piebald" coat pattern. I don't know if you can get a piebald out of any husky, or if only piebalds can produce other piebalds. Of course that's getting into genetics, which really doesn't have a place in a cartoon. lol


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