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Apollo (WF)

Apollo (WF)


Created by : -WildFire-

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Apollo (WF)

Name: Apollo ("very handsome" in Greek)

Species: Timber wolf

Gender: Male

Parents: Unknown 

Siblings: None

Love interest: Artemisa

Pups: None 


Personality: Apollo is a quick witted and "street smart" young wolf  who had to learn to fend for himself from a young age, and he always knows how to defend himself. He's an excellent fighter, but only uses his teeth and claws as a last result. Apollo is very brave and kind, and always defends those who need it. He can be a little flirty, but he's still not a scum bag who just uses females and then just leaves them. 

Likes: Nava, Artemisa, traveling and exploring new places.

Dislikes: Fighting, bears, seeing Artemisa being hurt or upset.


Story: Apollo was the only pup of a couple of lone wolves, but sadly was separated from his parents in a snow storm. The little pup wondered alone for days, searching for his family, but finally collapsed from hunger and exhaustion. Thankfully, he was found by a wolf named Nava, who rescued him and took him to his pack, where he was given food and water. Nava raised Apollo as his own son, but as he grew into a young adult, he developed a love for adventure and exploring new places. He said goodbye to his adoptive father, and set out to new adventures. Apollo ended up to a small town called Nome, and knowing the humans there would not be too thrilled to spot a wolf roaming the streets, he kept a low profile - until he noticed a greyish female wolf dog being attacked by some local strays. He instantly stepped in, and chased the strays away, and asked the female if she was alright. It turned out her name was Artemisa, and she was the sister of the famous Balto, the wolfdog who saved the town's children from diptheria. She seemed very interetsting to him, but she kept a distance to him, due to being hurt by males in the past. Apollo decided to stay in the woods in the outskirts of Nome for now, and tried to get to know Artemisa better, even though she seemed hesistant about him, but he kept trying to be as nice as possible to her, helping her find food and so on. However one day, they had a big argument, and Artemisa ran into the town, and Apollo decided to move on and went along his way. But before he could get very far, he ran into a huge grizzly bear. He fought the bear, but it quickly struck him in the back, sending him to the ground with three deep wounds in his back. The bear was just about to give the finishing blow, when suddenly Artemisa appeared to the scene. She attacked the bear, and managed to chase it away, then she rushed to Apollo, and a snow storm was about to hit, she lifted him to her back and carried him to a cave where they took refuge from the storm. Once the storm was over, Artemisa carried the wounded wolf back to Nome, and to the vets office, where his wounds were treated, and after he had recovered, they slowly started regaining their friendship and getting closer with each other.

Relation to Balto: Was raised by Nava, and is in love with Balto's sister.


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