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Created by : Alias

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Animal/Human type : Dog

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown


Detail *~AnnaBell~*

Basic Info

Name: AnnaBell

Also known As: Anna

Age: 3 1/2

Gender: Female

Breed(s): KleeKia

Fur Color(s): purplely-brown, dark brown, & pinkish dirty white

Eye Color(s): bright blue


Parents: unknown

Siblings: Star ((her twin))

Mate(s): Nikki (c) Universal

               Kaltag (c) Universal

Likes: Nikki, and Kaltag ((she has had a few flings in the hay with him, when she gets angry with Nikki, she goes to Kaltag for..comfort ;D))

Is liked by:  Nikki, Kaltag, and Steele

Pups: Annabell from Nikki //// Urainii (Urims) and Nathaniel (Nambers) from Kaltag

           all others: Unknown /////  Unable to have more

Other Information


Personality: She's Shy and timid, but flirty and down to buisness. She is all about being the flirt of the town, but is hopelessly devoted to her "hubbys." She loves her babies, and is a good mother, although she is a bit of a "sleep-around," ((the proof being that her two sons are from another father)) But she is a lover, not a fighter, and all of her children and mates and freinds love her dearly.

Lives: with the other memebers of her sled team in Nome, Alaska

Relation to Balto: She is Star's twin, and is mates with Kaltag and Nikki

History:  She moved to Nome a few years after the Eppidemic had cleared up. All of the males clung to her, especially Nikki and Kaltag. She clung back. She joined their team, after a little bit of sweet talking and seducing the Lead dog, Steele. All of the boys on the team run their hardest with her on the team, except for Star, who is actually very upset about his twin moving down and distrupting his happy life. But he deals.

She and Nikki soon became mates, but they did not have pups on their first try. A while later they had a huge fight, and she ran to Kaltag to comfort her. He did, in more ways than expected, and soon, she had her first litter, just her two boys, Nathaniel and Urianii. At first Nikki didn't want her or her pups. But he still loved her, so he took her back. They made up, and soon, Lizabell was on the way. Liza was born as part of a very large litter, (( 12 puppies to be excact )) but all of her babies were put up for adoption. She hid Lizabell, for she was her favorite. (not to mention, she looked so much like her father)

After her last litter, her owner took her into the vet and got her spayed. The boys were upset at first, for now she could no longer have puppies, but they quickly saw past that. She is still concidered a Beauty among Nome, a "Rose in the Snow." Star still dislikes her, for he doesn't like what Nome has made his shy little sister into..

a More in-depth of her story is going to be featured in part 1 of Liza Belle's fanfic, so keep waiting for that!!! :DDDD

As My char: i needed to get all my char's pages up before i wrote the fanfic. and i had a vison of what she should look like, so i made her while the image was still fresh in my mind. ^.^

ART (c) me!

Do NOT steal her design, her story, or any part of her biography. Please and Thank you.






More to Come!! :DD



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August 25, 2013
Italy Female Is not currently on the site
TBBS Site Builder
WonderfulWolves--> If you read more carefully, there's written that she is Star's Twin.
So, since they're twin, I think it's normal that they look so much alike.

August 25, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Its just a Star clone, with eyelashes. Reported. ░x░

August 03, 2011
Is not currently on the site
She should stick with Kaltag. He's way better than Nikki

August 03, 2011
usa Female Is not currently on the site

December 19, 2010
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
DooBee. DooBee. DooBah :3
do you mean, "How can she be mates with two dogs?" its because she's a dog. dogs, unlike wolves, do NOT mate for life, which is why they will have more than one mate. She is just being a typical dog.

December 18, 2010
Is not currently on the site
who can she be mate with 2 dog's

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