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Detail Amaruq

*NOTE: This is my alternative universe version of Balto's father, and has nothing to do with Yukon, Bruno or any other member of my Balto family tree.*

Name: Amaruq ("grey wolf" in inuit)

Species: Grey wolf

Gender: Male

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Mate: Aurora

Pups: Elias, Aku, Inka and Balto 


Amaruq was born in a small pack up in the mountains, near the town of Nome, Alaska. His mother was very sick, and at birth she and all his 4 siblings died, leaving his father to raise him with the help of the omegas of the pack. When he was younger, Amaruq was quite a trouble maker, and rather selfish, but as he got older he calmed down a little bit, but was still sometimes prone to mischief and had a bad habbit of acting before thinking. And one unfortunate day, his thoughtlessness led to accidentally waking up a grizzly bear from his hibernation, and attacking the pack's territory. The pack fought against the bear, but it killed the alpha female, and as punishment for this, the alpha male banished Amaruq from the pack, for bringing the bear to the territory and causing the death of his mate. 

Embittered and angry, Amaruq fled the territory, he kept running and running until he was exhausted from hunger and found himself in a human town. It was late at night and no one was around, so he took the chance to search around the town for food, and finally stumbled upon the butcher's shop. Amaruq went to look through the garbage, when he was suddenly interrupted by a brown female husky. Worried that she was going to call for help, he quickly assured her that he meant no harm, and that he was just looking for a quick meal. She seemed to believe him, and even offered him to stay in a ship wreck at the beach, so, after introducing herself as Aurora, the husky took him to the said ship and even offered to bring him leftovers from her family's dinner. Amaruq noticed that she was quite good hearted, perhaps a litte too kind, and figured that maybe she would keep bringing him food if he would keep sweet talking to her, and much to his pleasure, his plan worked, as Aurora kept providing him with food for the following weeks. 

But as time went on, he noticed that Aurora had grown rather fond of him, and found himself feeling something quite strange towards her. He suddenly didn't feel comfortable about taking advantage of her sweet personality, and figured it was time for him to start getting his own food. As even more time passed, Amaruq found that he actually cared for Aurora, she was like no one else he'd ever met: kind, sweet and selfless, and quite frankly, rather beautiful. Upon his newly discovered feelings for Aurora, Amaruq changed completely: He became thoughtful and kind, his bitterness faded away and he realized that there are good things in life too. Amaruq eventually fell deeply in love with Aurora, and they became very happy together, even though they had to keep a low profile so that the people of Nome wouldn't find out that a wolf was living almost among them.

Sadly, that happiness wasn't to last. One day, Amaruq just couldn't stay away from Aurora, so he left his ship wreck, and snuck into the town, just to see her. He knew he was taking an enormous risk, but he didn't care, all he cared about was to see Aurora again. Just as he was approaching Aurora's house, he heard a woman shout: "Wolf!". And just at that very second, he found himself running for his life with a hunter and his dog after him, they chased him all the way out of town, and as he was running, all Amaruq could think of was ways to return to his beloved Aurora. Growing tired from the running, Amaruq had to stop to catch his breath, but just then, the hunter's dog attacked him. They fought, and Amaruq managed to grab the dog by his throat and pin him down on the ground, but once he raised his head, he saw a hunter looking him straight in the eyes with a shot gun, who then fired a shot that ended his life. 

Relation to Balto: Balto's father.

Voice actor: Dwayne Johnson


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July 21, 2018
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He’s so handsome :O I hope I’ll see some images of him, even though he’s deceased lol :icon47: *faves*

July 21, 2018
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favs as well :SteeleShock:

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