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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Alyosha

Basic Information:

Alyosha  is a male wolf mix  child of Aleu and Niju, Once Nava found Niju they lingered near the shores until the ice froze once more, sadly, Nava was not in any shape to make the journey. Niju returned to the pack a different wolf than he had been and after admitting he was wrong to Aleu , working hard to redeem himself, the two became mated.

Aloyasha was born from their first litter, He just didn't bond well with his father and was much closer to his mother. Aloysha was gentle spirited and never flourished in sparing or hunting. Aloysha liked nothing more than to sit at his mother's paws and listen to stories about his family across the waters. He would listen to stories about his grandfather, and later go out into the wildness alone and pretend to be him, saving  the sick.

One day when Alyosha was a teen, he was out by the shores pretending while Niju thought he was out hunting. A terrible storm blew in, from the shore Alyosha could see a ship struggling against the wild waves. He wanted to watched it, but his mother found him and told him to come home.

In the night Alyosha could not sleep and wandered back to the shore, he found a shipwreck and quickly went to see if anyone needed help.

Alyosha found a few survivors, but they were out in the water, floating on the wreckage. Alyosha, braved the waters to try and reach them, unfortunately, the current caught him, He tried to hold on to a piece of wreckage, but it was swept out with him. He could hear his packs desperate calls for him as they stood at the shore, his father's voice the loudest as he called out for his son who was being carried away.

it was a long way to travel, and he was sick and thin, but the water took him to the shore, the whole time a Raven staying in his site. Alyosha was too weak to move from the shore he had washed up on, his eyes closed on him and he fell into a deep sleep.

when he woke, he found himself in a cave, cuddled next to white fur, as his eyes started to focus, he realized, he was alone. With nothing  but a raven crowing at the cave entrance.

Alyosha used the cave as a shelter, and he tried his best to hunt for himself but he just wasn't good at it. The Raven would come everyday, and lure Alyosha further and further away from his cave, until one day Alyosha saw a town in the distance. He remembered his mothers stories about humans, that some where mean and others nice. He was starved, and maybe the humans had food, so he risked going into town.

There he met a grey husky who took pity on the scrawny figure. She said her name was dusty, and took Alyosha to Balto's ship. At first neither Balto or Alyosha realized they were related, but as they talked and got closer while he stayed at the ship they both realized, Alyosha was Balto's grandson. Balto warned Alyosha not to get his hopes up, and offered to help him get back home. However Alyosha had fallen in love with Nome and everyone in it, though he had largely been watching them all from a distance. So Alyosha asked Balto to help him fit in.

It wouldn't be easy, Aloysha was more wolf like that even Balto was. But it could be done.

Balto with the help of Dusty and Kodi, tried to teach Alyosha how to be a sled dog but it was soon obvious that they would need more help so they turned to Flurry, a Samoyed who was known for training young hopefuls.

Species: Wolf Mix Male

Personality: Docile, Gentle,  a helpful Daydreamer. Aloysha has hopes of being something great one day. And refuses to deny or lie to himself. He always follows his heart and is willing to suffer the drawbacks later. He is a thinker that is always lost in his thoughts and can be blunt at times.

Relations: Aleu (mother), Niju (father), Balto (Grandfather) Jenna (Grandmother)


Friends: Balto, Dusty, The Raven, Kodi, and Flurry


Foes: None that he is aware of other than the wolf within him



  • His name means Defender of Man
  • His pelt draws its genes from his grandparents
  • Alyosha doesn't know how to howl

Character Summary - Universal Relation:

In short, Alyosha, is the son of Aleu and Niju, he was washed away from his pack while trying to save humans in a shipwreck, the water took him to shores his pack used ot live on with Nava. He was saved by the spirit of Aniu and lived on those shores for a short time before the Raven guided him to Nome. There he meets dusty who leads him to Balto were the two (Balto and Alyosha) find out that they are related.


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