some oddities with Niju

some oddities with Niju

An old topic brought back.... and this time about Niju

I know that this topic has been brought up several times, but not about Niju. I'm going to show some valid points on how Niju is a very odd character.

1. the whiskers.


(sorry if this picture doesn't show the whiskers very good). Anyways, it's true, most real/wolves from Balto don't have long whiskers like he does. of course, real wolves have whiskers but are not very visible. as for Balto, he doesn't even have whiskers in the first movie!

2. the colors.

Niju doesn't have very 'wolf like' colors and is considered unrealistic. I,myself, love the color choices but they aren't as good as they could have been. the sand blue color especially ruined his wolf like place in the movie.

3.the very badly made fades.


i have seen, that many fans get mixed up with what colors he has... i know, you don't want to hear about colors anymore but let me mention it this final time. people don't know if Niju is black on the outside or very dark brown. the true color of him is brown, but many can't see that. also, his eye's are sometimes thought to be yellow or white (not the pupil but the other part of his eye.). this image looks black but that's because it's night in the image.

4. the voice actor.


it's sort of weird that a famous actor like Mark Hamill would play such an odd character in Balto. besides, does Niju really sound like Mark Hamill? i don't think so.

5. his claws.


i don't think his claws look mush like the rest of the wolves. this may be, because he's unique. still, it's a little odd and you have to agree it looks a bit like Scar's paws from The lion king.


yep that's it folks..........


well, that's really all that must be said about Niju. personally, i loved Niju and think these oddities make him unique. if you have another odditie about Niju you would like to share please comment or reply.


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October 15, 2016
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Sorry if you didn't like my article, I was just bored and decided to bring it up.

October 14, 2016
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Path of the Demon
I think you're looking into this a bit much. Keep in mind that Balto II was a direct-to-video film, so you aren't going to get an amazing film out of it. And that goes for any cartoon.

Niju's whiskers are on the long side for a wolf, but It's a minor detail in my opinion. I'm not sure how you expected them to be less visible when they're already thin to begin with. I don't know if wolves can have white whiskers (dogs can), but I think they would be even more visible if they were. White would also look odd with his coloration. Also, Balto never had any whiskers in any of the films. lol

Actually, wolves can be black in coloration. It's called a black phase, which occurs when a wolf is shedding. However, in some wolves, they retain this dark coat all year round. But when it comes down to Niju, I doubt that the production crew took the time to thoroughly research wolves.

Here is a wolf I photographed that was in a dark phase: (I know this link is messed up, but I can't fix it) 5_1723704964_n.jpg?oh=b389ed6dd32e2e4eb6c2e33f5570e9a0&oe=586B3676
r /> I know you're tired of being reminded about your grammar, but you really need to work on improving your writing skills. Every new sentence starts with a capital letter. You also need to always capitalize "I", which is a personal pronoun.

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