Three most common types of sled dogs

Three most common types of sled dogs

Of the most common sled dogs, what type would Balto have been?

There are many differant dogs which can be used for pulling sleds, but the most common for long races are the Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and Alaskan Huksy.

Of the three, Balto would PROBABLY fall into the Alaskan Husky catagory. Alaskan huskies are mutts that are a mixture of high stamina dogs and dogs that can easily indure cold weather, and most have some wolf in them. They are the most common dog used in the Iditarod.


Next most popular is the Siberian Husky. Steele wuold most likely fall into this catagory, though it's hard to tell whether he's a malamute or a husky. (Forgive me if it says in the movie, I haven't seen it in years) Though they are slightly bigger than the Alaskan Husky, they are, for whatever reason, not as popular among the big racers, such as Martic Buser or Lance Mackey.


Last but certainly not least if the Malamute, whether it be Alaskan, Mackenzie Valley, or whatever. They are the largest of the three, and also the stockiest. For whatever reason, mushers don't use these very often. They are more commonly used for weight pulling.


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February 06, 2013
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
O' Cap'n My Cap'n!
Why in the world would this make anyone CRY?

Incidentally, referring to a couple of past comments:

Emmajudy - even though you'll probably never see this, this is as much for everyone else who reads your comment: there most certainly ARE such things as Alaskan Huskies. And they are not actually Siberian Huskies. At all. Though most of them have Siberian Husky blood in them.

Vikki123 - as MightyBalto1925 accurately pointed out, Balto was never, ever sold to Gunnar Kaasen.

October 21, 2012
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Path of the Demon
Balto was not sold to Gunnar Kaasen.

October 21, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Leonhard Seppala originally bred Balto and Togo, but he sold Balto to Gunnar Kaasen, who used Balto as lead in the 1925 serum run. Both of these dogs were Siberian Huskies. Leonhard Seppala had already bred his own line of Siberian Huskies. At that times Alaskan Hounds/hukies would not have been able to survive in the cold anywhere near as well as Siberian Huskies. Many mushers who use alaskans nowadays have to use coats and booties on them due to the fact that (although they are faster) they are not as adapted to the cold as Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes.

January 22, 2010
Is not currently on the site
very good article, but to people that commented, most sled dogs are actually mutts, and some don't even look like huskies at all. it's the stereotypical idea that sled dog teams are made up of entirely purebred huskies and malamutes.

August 09, 2009
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ALASKEN HUSKY!!!!:o People just call them that because they are mostly found pulling sleds in alaska. Just a SIBERIAN HUSKY!!! And if you go on line and look up a picture of balto's stuffed body, in the corner it says: SIBERIAN HUSKY and his birthday and when he died. And the 3 most popular dogs expert mushers use are Alasken Malamutes, Siberian Huskys, and Eskimo dogs wich are not registered by the AKC ( American Kennel Club) but are a cross between Siberian huskys and Alasken Malamutes. The Eskimo's bred them for the Siberian huskys speed and the Alsken Malamutes strength. And like Banshee said it is VERY RARE for expert mushers to use dogs that have wolf in them because they probably don't want their sled dogs to be wild and tempermental. And the " Alasken Huskies" in that pic do not look like sleddogs. They have very thin fur that would not protect them very well from the cold, long legs that look like they have basically no muscle, and small paws that look horrible for gripping snow. They look more like greyhounds or whippets built for running and speed, not for pulling sleds.

September 21, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
bwilson98 -> Don't you mean "Steele"? Well either way, Steele is not
an Alaskan malamute, he is a Siberian husky. Alaskan malamutes don't
have blue eyes and they're bulky, and Steele is not bulky.

September 12, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site

September 12, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
pure husky do some reaserch first before you wast time on a artical
that is all false balto was a husky and stlell was a malamute not
the best artical sorry

September 09, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
balto was a siberian husky. nothing more. and most mushers use
siberian huskys beacuase of there speed and endurance.

August 17, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Well, he wasn't "probably" an Alaskan husky. He was just a purebred
Siberian husky. No wolf in him at all. And no, most expert mushers do
NOT use wolf hybrids. That is very rare. They use Alaskan huskies,
which is usually mixed with hound or another dog breed. No wolf.

Wolves aren't for dog mushing. Wolves are wild animals. 'Kay?

August 16, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Jaypaw I'm not being mean, but the real balto was pure husky.

August 12, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
people, i just want to say, i think balto was PROBABLY an alaskan
husky. i don't know if it's absolute. i did not get this from
wikipedia. Most expert mushers have dogs that have at least a little
wolf in them. it's not rare. We can have our own opinions, so please,
no flaming! Alaskan huskies are by no standards pure breeds, they
are MUTTS. they are just very popular mutts. i will add a pic for the malamute! thanks, peoples!

August 07, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Yeah, you should have added a picture of a Malamute in there.
Malamutes are awesome, you can't forget about them. :]

August 06, 2008
Is not currently on the site
My friend has an adorable Mal named Storm. The dog's a flippin' bear,
but I love her to death. I noticed you don't have a picture of a Mal
on there? Lemme help!

that looks like a small one!

August 01, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Oh okay, thanks for correcting me, SouthPaw!

July 30, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
wolf girl I'm not trying to be mean or anything but, Balto was a
siberian husky Alaskans don't exist as 'pure' breeds wikipedia
sometimes has good information but not all the time, sometimes they
have thier balto info really messed but I see your point and
everything, just thought I would correct you on that.

July 30, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
ok article...

July 29, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
I liked your article, could use a little more research though. Although in the movie Balto was part wolf, he wasn't in real life (he was Alaskan husky, check on Wikipedia). And for some extra info, sometimes mushers use mutts in which they see good racing quality. If I lived anywhere near a dog sledding place (which I don't :( ) I probably would have had my dog trained. Some mushers just accept mixed breeds who are fast, strong, around 55 pounds or get my drift. But overall it was a nice article!

July 29, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
ok Balto(the real one) was a SIBERIAN HUSKY, and Alskan huskies are'nt
a pure breed at stated by many others withous mixing of some kind,
there would be no Alaskan husky. o and this is more of a fact then a
comment, but did you know sometimes Akitas are used for sled puling as
well (but probably not one of the most comon ones, I just thought that
was different, because I always thought that mals and huskies pulled
sleds, or at least dogs like that) o well great article

July 27, 2008
Is not currently on the site
Balto is not an Alaskan Husky. He was a purebred Siberian Husky and he
was part wolf, part siberian husky in all three films.

July 27, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Um, no. Balto wouldn't fall under the category of Alaskan huskies.
Doesn't mean that Balto was a hybrid (in the movie) DOESN'T make him
an a Alaskan husky. But, I liked your article .

July 26, 2008
Is not currently on the site
I've read on Wikipedia that Balto was actually an Alaskan Husky, and
not an Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky. If you read it off of that
and that's why you think so, it might not be true. Anyone could go on
their and edit the pages. But it might be true.

But like
Banshee said, most Alaskan Huskies do not have wolf in them. They're
huskie crosses with a mix of hound in them. Alaskan Huskies are
probably too small to have wolf in them anyways.

also read on other sites instead of Wikipedia that he was Siberian
Husky, so that's what he may be.

July 26, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Most Aalskan huskies do NOT have wolf in them. They are Siberian husky
crosses, usually mixed with some type of Hound so they can have longer
legs to run faster. Whay makes you think they were crossed with

And if the three Balto would fall into the
Siberian husky catagory, since he was pure Siberian husky. ;]

July 26, 2008
Uk Male Is not currently on the site
Steele is an Alaskain Malamute...

And Balto is probably
the Alaskai Husky.

July 25, 2008
Usa Is not currently on the site
Say wut?
Very cool! It could do with a little more info, bot overall nice

July 25, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
hmmmm...... those Alaskan Huskies look like greyhounds.^^

July 27, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Balto was a purebred Siberian husky, which today is known as the
"Seppala Siberian Sled Dog" since Siberians have changed over the

July 26, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
hmmmmm. i like it i like the last pic its cute

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