The nostalgic style of nostalgic movies.

The nostalgic style of nostalgic movies.

And some thoughts on voices

Hello everyone!  Today we talk about the style of animation in our childhood cartoon. This geometric, sharp and simple style. We can see some easter eggs in a cartoon. I mean films that influenced the characters and their appearance.

For example, young sled dog named Star is very much similar to extravagant Roger Rabbit from one of my favorite movies "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". Both characters are eccentric, bizarre, funny and sensitive. William Salazar was the supervising animator for the trio, but he didn't work on an animation part in "Roger Rabbit". However, Daan Jippes and Simon Wells worked on the storyboards of the film, so they came up the appearance for characters, as William later began to develop them (I think the first storyboards were created, and then later a specific person works on specific characters; I can be mistaken, but for me it will be very interesting and nice if you tell about the process). By the way, Simon Wells was the one of main supervising animators and worked with Richard Williams on the animation part of "Who framed Roger Rabbit ", so he could leave the signature on this character.


I can not say that Star is one of my favorite characters in the movie (the white wolf and Boris the goose are my favorite characters in the movie), but he's pretty close to it. No offense, but I never liked his (Star) voice in the English version. Choice of the voice plays a very big role in the perception of the character. His voice is very raucous, clamorous, unpleasant and squeaky. This voice gives the impression of a typical  and unsure of himself  "the errand boy", who has low self-esteem and tries to hide it, spending time in the "popular gang ", even if the members of this gang offend him. I do not remember exactly, but in some versions (in other languages) Star was voiced by a woman. And personally, I liked it. Generally, it would be better if he had a female voice. I remember in one scene (pencil test) initially Star laughed exactly like Woody Woodpecker! Why did they cut this? It's awesome and funny! Imagine a little more pure and mature voice of Woody Woodpecker. It would be great. And it is very sad that the scene was deleted, where Star develops as a character, in which he takes off a gold collar from Steele's neck, calling him unworthy even to be called a dog. Here we realize, Star is very brave dog.



Are they similar? Of course.The style of animated movies of Don Bluth also had an impact. Many animators who participated in the creation of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit " or cartoons of Don Bluth, began work on "Balto ". For example,  Dick Zondag and Jeffrey James Varab worked on many Bluth's films: "An american tail", "The land before time",  "All dogs go to heaven", etc. Steele is very similar to another villain - Jenner. Both manic, ruthless, deceitful and vain. In addition, this rascal dog was named after real-life bandit, who foraged theft and looting in many cities of Klondike.


Do not get me wrong, I love the villainous voice of Jim Cummings. This person is considered to be a real chameleon among the voice actors. He gave his voice to thousands of positive and negative characters. This is awesome. However, the versatility of the actor (I wish health and happiness to him) has no special advantages. A similar story with Tim Curry (what if he voiced Steele, what would be the character?). Both actors have a great voices, but here's the thing. Really! It is all too obvious: "This character says the voice of Jim Cummings / Tim Curry, then he is the villain". This is a real stigma and stereotype of obvious villainy. Spielberg (according to Simon Wells) wanted to make this character more negative, therefore, he called Jim Cummings instead of Brendan Fraser. That is very strange. Steele is still a villain! He is already negative!  Brendan could make the character more eccentric, humorous, energetic and memorable.


Later I'll write about Boris and Balto.

Every animator has a unique style, and we can see it in the characters.

Thanks for reading.

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August 01, 2016
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Path of the Demon
I don't believe there is a test animation of Star, but there are some of Boris.

August 01, 2016
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Do you happen to have a link to the Star animation test?

October 03, 2015
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
I don't have time to read the whole thing (my apologies), but Mighty, I have to disagree about Jenner and Steele; they were definitely alike. Steele tried to kill Balto directly, which would have spelled the death of his team and of Nome's sickly residents. Killing is killing, whether you do it directly or, say, lock someone in a room and leave them to starve. Granted, we see Jenner further along down the slope, but they were both leaning the same way. Jenner was just smarter.

September 27, 2015
Is not currently on the site
I'm not trying to intrude, or add any unnecessary drama to this situation, but I feel I can shed light on this article. Animators in the industry are often assigned characters to animate based on their art style / animating style. To highlight an example, of Disney's nine old men, each had a niche they'd typically work in. Marc Davis often animated the more graceful characters, such as Snow White, Cinderella , Aurora and Maleficent, whereas Frank Thomas would often be the key animator in the more villainous characters, such as The Red Queen, Lady Tremaine, and Captain Hook. So, for the same animators to be given the key animation as characters that fit their niche is entirely plausible, and ultimately, very likely due to the animator's proven strengths. It's all relative.

Also, pretty sure Steven Spielberg would have mentioned that Steele is a more negative character at some point, as he is the antagonist of the movie. In terms of this article, I'm pretty sure Jenner was thrown in to show the parallels in artistic direction. (The darker hues, facial design and features, and animating style in general are consistent in the two possibly having the same key animators.)

Marroah just stated their opinion about the voice acting and animation - as many articles do. There was no need for your scathing analyzation of their article.

September 27, 2015
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Path of the Demon
What do you mean by you "speak for the gifted"?

From what I gathered, you're comparing the appearance and personality to other characters. Am I mistaken? I can't speak for others, but this article isn't exactly clear to me.

You discussed the style of each animator mentioned? I fail to see where you mentioned anything about their "style" of art in any of this article. All you mentioned was facts about them.

Also, as I've said several times before in the past, you ought to cite your sources of information. Where exactly did Spielberg ever mention that Steele should be a more negative character?


This is how I view your article:

Paragraph 1:
- You don't mention what film you're referring to.
- You talk about the style of an unknown film.
- You mention easter eggs in a unknown film.
- You correct yourself by saying films that influenced other films (still not mentioning which).

Paragraph 2:
- You mentioned that Star is similar to Roger Rabbit.
- You compared their personalities.
- You talked about the animators.

Paragraph 3:
- You discuss which characters are your favorite.
- Mentioned that you don't like the English version of Star's voice, and that choosing the right voice for a character is important.
- Still going on about Star's voice.
- Talked about a pencil test.

Paragraph 4:
- You mention that they're similar (not disclosing what is), and that Don Bluth also had an impact.
- You go on to talk about how the animators who worked on Roger Rabbit began to work on Balto.
- Talking about who worked on what.
- You mention that Steele is similar to Jenner.
- Mentions that ? was named after a real life bandit.

Paragraph 5:
- You talk about Jim Cunnings and Tim Curry
- Throws in a what if.
- Mentions that Speilburg wanted Steele to be more negative.

All of this together doesn't really support what you're trying to convey here. Even breaking this down, I'm still confused.

September 27, 2015
Is not currently on the site
I speak for the gifted - I talked about the personal style of each animator. Animators the same participated in the development of the film, so they could just draw a hero in the same style. Read carefully. I spoke about the appearance of characters, not about their nature.

September 27, 2015
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Path of the Demon
I personally wouldn't label these as definite "easter eggs" since there really isn't any official documentation that says otherwise. As for Star, his appearance may or may not be inspired by Roger Rabbit. I haven't seen the film, so I can't really go in-depth on the matter. But from the picture, I can't really say that there are any similarities between Star and Roger Rabbit. Take Bugs Bunny and Trix (a rabbit mascot for a cereal brand) for example. They both have similar appearances in their design.

http://images3.wikia.nocookie. [...] y/images/7/73/Roger_Rabbit.png
http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg. [...] 8eb7b8ed6d4e04507df0d24821.jpg

Jenner and Steele are nothing alike... Steele was not out to kill anyone, nor was he evil. He's just a selfish character who cares more about his image than anything else. As for Jenner, in the film anyway, he had a taste for blood, and is clearly an evil character. He set out to kill Nicodemus when he heard of the plan to move the Brisby home.

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