The Wolf, the Bear, and the Spirits

The Wolf, the Bear, and the Spirits

Just some thoughts...

Heyyyyy guyzzz!!!! I was just casually watching Balto one day when I had the urge to make some articles ^.^


This one will be partially about Aniu and how she's rumored to have taken the forms of different animals throughout the movie.


These include:


1) a wolf (the teacher)


2) a raven (dreams and nightmares)


3) a bear (inner knowing)


4) a fox (the cunning trickster)


5) the wolverines (fears)


5) caribou (life)


And I believe thats it...


Now, my point is that I agree with this rumor to some extent. I feel that Aniu transformed into all animals except for the bear- which I thought was the same bear from the first movie. I thought of this one up as I was watching Balto. Both bears kinda look similar, but does that honostly mean that they're the same though? No. Hardly. A lot of bears look the same. In fact the only resemblance that they share are their oddly colored eyes, last time I checked, bears don't have yellow eyes. Although, whether this is an animation technique or just a tool to make the bear look more villainous, we'll never know.  


So where's my arguement? Why do I think that they're the same?


I think the bear from the second movie was the spirit of the bear from the first.


(My main argument will be on this bear, so for the sake of the article, let's call Bear 1 Cal, and Bear 2 Barry).


I'll pause here and go back a little.


Aniu has the ability of appearing and vanishing in thin air. As seen in the first movie, the camera zooms outward a little and POOF! she's there, her second appearance is when she's an apparition in the wind. In WQ, Aniu still holds this ability but tends to be surrounded in white mist when appearing and disappearing. The wolverine for example, was played by a woman and vanishes in white mist. The fox, is at first surrounded by mist and then comes into view, she too, is played by a woman. And then you have the raven, who flies behind Balto and voila! she's Aniu (but you see some white mist from behind as well)- these can all be considered clues of Aniu's many forms.


But what about the bear? Just like Cal, Barry does not talk. Who am I to assume that it's female? To me, the dead give away is how Barry disappears.


It fades away in black. 


This obviously means that Barry was not in fact a real live, living bear. Which supports my argument seeing as Cal drowned and died in the first movie. Perhaps his spirit lived on to represent Inner Knowing for Balto and Alue? Just as Aniu represents the Teacher.


Yet they still don't look or behave exactly the same... this, I feel, is a mistake on the animators and movie makers. Barry lacks fur highlights and isn't quite as threatening as Cal. It was more than likely the writers' fault for not making them quite the same, as for the animimators... well... you get the general idea.


That's it for now. I'll see you all a little later,

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May 14, 2010
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no u
The fur highlights was more a stylistic thing being able to show the highlights and shadows than anything... I think there was an article about it somewhere from someone who worked on the movie

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