The White Wolf is NOT Aniu

The White Wolf is NOT Aniu

This article is about how the White Wolf is simply not Aniu.

WolfIs the White Wolf from the first film Aniu? This is a question that Balto fans have been asking and debating about for years. This article will be short, but this question, technically speaking, has been resolved for awhile. It's just that people don't bother to do their research.

So is the White Wolf we see in the first Balto movie Aniu? The answer to that is no. When Karlamon interviewed Simon Wells back in 2015, a French user going by the name of Nakou asked about the White Wolf's identity. Simon replied by saying “Whether the White Wolf is Balto's father or some kind of ephemeral Spirit of the Wolf is deliberately unstated. The White Wolf Sequence is still my favorite part of the movie, and James Horner's extraordinary score that accompanies it still raises the hairs on the back of my neck.

We wanted to keep it mystical and vague - is this a real event or is it some kind of hallucination that Balto is experiencing? All of these were reasons to not have the White Wolf speak or in any way explain himself. Perhaps the Wolf is a manifestation of Balto's inner voice, telling him to take ownership and use that part of him that he has always been ashamed of - certainly that is the message Balto takes from the encounter, real or not.”

Simon’s quote concludes that the White Wolf has no true identification, so it couldn’t have Been Balto’s mother. The character’s soul purpose was to encourage Balto to accept his wolf heritage. That's it. I know that someone could argue that Steele "had a message for his mother", but Balto's family had little to no development. This is something that can also be confirmed, as I asked Simon how Boris found Balto. Simon said that he isn't for certain, but he believes that Balto was intended to be an outcast pup. This means that Balto's back story doesn't really exist.

Here’s where I believe the confusion comes into play. When Steet interviewed Phil Weinstein back in 2006, someone asked if Aniu is the White Wolf. Phil said that the Aniu is the White Wolf from the first film, however this doesn't make the White Wolf Aniu. Remember, Simon has his own intentions for the character, so let's not disregard those facts. Phil's team was simply INSPIRED by this character and modeled Aniu after it.

I'm not saying one can't believe that the White Wolf is Balto's mother or father, I'm just setting the record strait. I've seen people pass it off as a fact that the White Wolf is Aniu. This Wiki page is an example of that.

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