The White Wolf/Aniu possible truth.

The White Wolf/Aniu possible truth.

Whilst my brother (Chikuq) and I were talking about Balto we think we may have discovered the truth.

My brother and I are twins, and therefore we don't take 'no' for an answer. We think we may have discovered the truth about the feud of the White Wolf and Aniu.

We think that, in the first Balto film, Aniu was alive. In the second movie, Wolf Quest, we believe that she was dead, as she disappeared after saying "Only the journey home, my son." to Balto.

Some cultures believe that when you die you go back to the age you were happiest at (no offence to anyone who doesn't believe it). Chikuq and I think maybe that was the case. Aniu looked smaller and younger in the second film. Of course there's always the idea that the animaters were changed for the second movie, but we'll leave that up to you!

There are plenty of diffrences in the Aniu and the White Wolf just look at these pictures...

Aniu  Wolf
From left to right is Aniu and the White Wolf.

You can see the diffrences but in the first film no-one said she was dead...did they?

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June 12, 2011
Male Is not currently on the site
lol cool ^^

March 09, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
good point i agree!! I've always called them both aniu because to me they are both the same wolf. Aniu = White wolf = Baltos mom

BTW this is beachpup i just didnt feel like logging in lol

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