Steele's progenitors.

Steele's progenitors.

Characters, who was the inspiration for Steele.

It is not no secret that Steele's appearance is not independent. Personally, I think that his way is not disclosed, both for the villain, and for the character as a whole.  Before us is just arrogant husky, who chasing for fame, strong, but in fact he's a liar and a coward.

Hmmm, you can not deny it. In my understanding, it's just a rip-off from some (in this case two) famous Disney villains and one self, bearing the title of a lady's man.

Okay, let's no secret that the main character, with which just sketched this dog, of course, a lion named Scar. Well, there should not be any differences. Haughty smirk, languid villainous voice, acute facial expressions and well hidden cruelty and cowardice, as well as talent of the manipulator. The authors of "Balto" is clearly not bother with the study of the character.
Okay, Scar, you have now one more wannabe.

Next Disney villain, of course, Gaston from "Beauty and the Beast." Its popularity among men, a huge credibility, muscularity, bonkers on itself, love jeer at someone, the success among the girls, annoying grin and intimidating by force. Black hair and blue eyes.
Many critics called Steele as "local Gaston". Emotional, scary, at first just a popular chauvinist, and then the monster sadist.

Well, the last villain who served as the prototype and for Scar, and for Steele. It is Jenner from "The Secret of NIMH". Terrifying smile, sparkling eyes, madness and cruelty. It inspired them to Disney, when inventing the image of a lion Scar. Bloodthirsty killer, who will not stop at nothing.
Yep, Jenner. You can do it.

Maybe I missed someone. Write.

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January 10, 2015
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Honestly, I think it's a stretch to say that these were predecessors of Steele except in the ideological sense. All of them were quintessential bad guys; the classic villain who is mainly concerned with his (or in some cases her) own wants and advancement. It's not exactly a new idea; the type literally goes as far back as Satan.

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