Phil Weinstein interview!

Phil Weinstein interview!

Some answers to some of our popular questions


steet : How did you get the prestigious directing place of the films?

PW : I was just finishing up directing on the Hercules TV series and interviewed for the job.
I don't know who else interviewed for the position but it is usually a question of being a good fit for the show and also being available when they were ready to start. I was very lucky.

steet : What was concretly your job in the production of the Balto sequels?

PW : The script was written before I was hired, so my job was to hire and direct the artists in creating the show.

steet : Were there any deleted scenes? Any interesting changes between the original scripts and the final cuts?

PW : The original Balto 2 script was a little bit longer, so we trimmed some scenes for time, but otherwise it changed very little.

For Balto 3 Kodi do not help rescue his dad in the orginal script. I pitched the idea of Steele being the one who volunteers to go help Balto on the rescue since in the original draft Kodi wouldn't go. I thought it would be interesting for Balto and Steele to be out alone together, you would always be wondering if Steele would betray Balto!

The dog alert was added and the flashbacks to Kodi as a puppy were added in Jenna's song.
The opening song visuals originally told more of the story of Kodi, getting promoted from the dog in the back to the front, and also the opening began with a postman addressing a letter, we follow the letter as it gets sorted, then bagged in a sack, then placed on a sled to get delivered. There are some elements of this in the final. The close up of the letter stamped airmail at the end of the movie was really just a pay off for what was set up in the beginning.
The ice bridge sequence was added too.

steet : What was the real reason for the voice actors change? Low budget?

PW : Budget and availability of certain actors.

steet : Was Aniu meant to be the White Wolf from the original Balto? Was it a new character, or was she already planned by the team working on the original Balto?

PW : Yes, she was the White wolf from the first movie.

steet : Why did Balto eyes turned white in Balto 2?

PW : That was a mistake on the character model. There are so many things to keep track of on a movie production that sometimes the most obvious things get overlooked.
We fixed that in Balto 3!

steet : Does Dusty have a crush on Kodi or Ralph in Balto 3? Many fans say that Dusty looks a lot like Aleu, was it intended?

PW : Well, there was an implied relationship between Dusty and Ralph in one scene.
I'd always hoped we could work on more of that in the story, but there wasn't time.
Yeah, I guess Dusty does look a little bit like Aleu, but it was not intentional.

steet : Do you have any idea about what pushed Universal to make sequels?

PW : No, I'm sorry I don't.

steet : What were the budgets of the sequels? If you're not allowed to tell, was the budget for Balto 3 higher than for Balto 2?

PW : I'm sorry, but I cannot share with you this information.

steet : Maybe you know already, but Universal isn't planning to make another sequel; in answer to our petition, they said that 'not enough people bought the last one to make it attractive to produce another'. What is your feeling about this?

PW : I don't know what the sales figures were exactly. I have some idea, but I don't know what Universal considers enough of a success to warrant a sequel.
I really love the Balto movies, I wish they would make more!

steet : Partly due to that answer, some of us are trying to make a Balto 4...Of course not a whole film, only a trailer of a few minutes, and without any budget. No budget...isn't that what you're trying to do with your current project? So, how does things go? Is it really possible nowadays to make a film with nearly no budget?

PW : Yes, much easier to make a film with no budget nowadays. Cameras are much cheaper, and you can do most of the production work on a home computer.
By the way, we have changed servers, you might have noticed that is down. If you go to you will be redirected to my company web site, I'm currently reposting the old podcasts.

steet : Thank you very much for answering.

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Last comments

March 05, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Wow!! Finally, all the anwsers to our questions!!:p

July 25, 2009
Usa Is not currently on the site
Awesome thanks for clearing things up:P

July 17, 2009
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
GREAT article!!!:P so the white wolf IS anui.... i new it!!!!:)

July 11, 2009
Is not currently on the site
Balto --> Because some of us would rather believe in the hard work and effort of those from the first movie than the people who're forced into making the sequel without even SEEING the first movie.

July 04, 2009
Usa Is not currently on the site
No weapon can sever the soul from me
That was REALLY helpful!!! Awesome article.

July 02, 2009
Usa Is not currently on the site
Here we have the truth about the White Wolf and Aniu, yet some still doubt it? How?:(

June 29, 2009
Female Is not currently on the site
mwahaha! The TRUTH at LAST :o *stares at it*

July 06, 2009
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Water Tribe
I knew Aniu and the White Wolf where the same! ^U^

June 09, 2009
Is not currently on the site
Check this out: Our own Metalingus and Metal Head For Christ recently conducted an interview with Phil via Skype. It's available as an mp3 download at this link:
I have it and have listened to it. And I think you'll enjoy it!

May 29, 2009
Usa Is not currently on the site
I wish there could be a Balto 4! (It would be a great opportunity to get Steele back in there! I think I'm one of the few who thinks that it's a little disturbing that he's disappeared so completely from the films....even though I'd hated his guts in the first film, lol)

^ ^;;;

December 30, 2008
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Talent Over Image
Steele in Balto 3, that would be one heck of twist Kinda like that
idea though.

So it is true, Dusty is for Ralph I
still think Dusty is for Kodi, who knows maybe like a week later,
Dusty forgets Ralph and finds Kodi, who knows.

December 17, 2008
Usa Is not currently on the site
im suprised to hear the first script from balto 3 was changed from
Steele to Kodi i thought the original would have been a much better

October 06, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
oh wow! great! I am glad about the confirmation of the white wolf, but
I never thought that it was true...

August 13, 2008
France Female Is not currently on the site
yer mum.
Just coz Weinstein meant for "Aniu" to be the White Wolf from the
original movie doesn't mean that the director from the first movie
meant for the white wolf to be his mum!

April 12, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Rock of Ages
Awesome!! Dusty loves Ralph!

January 22, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site

March 23, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Wow! I really enjoyed reading this! It is soo cool that Phil
answered those questions!

February 12, 2007
Is not currently on the site
Nice Street!

October 11, 2006
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Oh wow!

June 08, 2006
Is not currently on the site
Good article!!! I WANT A BALTO 4!!!

May 21, 2006
Australia Is not currently on the site
I'm with aleu 101 , but thery got to be more people. :cry:

May 20, 2006
Female Is not currently on the site
guys we have to work together and sighn something that says we need more balto we just need enough people to sign it:p

April 24, 2006
Is not currently on the site
cool, it answers many of my qs, but.. i wish it said what happened to steele... lol oh yea, i hope they make a B4 though it does not sound possible... :cryeyesout: aw well... theyre making a trailer which will be good! (well, BS is, anyways...) sadness... :cry:

April 18, 2006
Is not currently on the site
That is so Cool! I never thought that you could ask a director like that for an interview... I think I'm just overwhelmed that you did it!

April 17, 2006
Is not currently on the site
But that is not fair! Dusty and Kodi are meant to be together! And Ralph is soooo mean!:( :cry:

April 14, 2006
Is not currently on the site
You forgot to ask them why hey have changed so drasticaly the animation and drawing template from Balto 1, other than crew was changed.

April 14, 2006
Is not currently on the site
Phil wouldn't be able to answer that. He directed Balto 2 and 3. Not balto 1.
Anyway, thats kool that you got an interview from the director of the sequals to balto. This DID clear somethings up. Somethings i was hoping were true were proven to be wrong(like the Kodi

April 13, 2006
Is not currently on the site

April 13, 2006
Is not currently on the site
Yes I'm finally sure about that Dusty and Ralph thing!!:love: I knew they had something going on. But how come nobody knew about the white wolf thing? After I watched the 2nd one I knew :o

April 12, 2006
Is not currently on the site
very good info!but i always do hope that they make a balto 4.and it's great that phil weinstein awnsered the questions:P


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