Nava, Aniu, Balto and Aleu

Nava, Aniu, Balto and Aleu

A view on the possible relationship between them.

Well, this is my first article, and English is regretfully not my mother language, so I apologize for any mistakes that you may encounter in this post, and still hope it interests you guys. Any well-intended critics are most welcome.

I've been reading many articles and threads that propose the issue of Nava being Balto's father. At first I thought that Nava had actually NO CONNECTION whatsoever to Balto and his heritage... But, after some careful research, I've changed my mind. Nava COULD BE connected to Aniu and Balto, but I don't think he's blood-related to the latter. And here I'll try to explain my idea that such a matter isn't likely, and still try to propose a relationship between these four characters, being Aniu, Balto, Aleu and Nava. 


* Please note it is a personal opinion and could be wrong, as I'm neither the director nor screenwriter of any of the films (obviously XD).

** To avoid misunderstandings, whenever I write "Balto", I'll be referring to the first film. When addressing the character, I'll simply write Balto without any markings.


Ok, we all are aware that, without doubt, Aniu (the white wolf) is Balto's mother and thus Aleu's paternal grandmother. And we know that Balto's father was a husky, as stated and mentioned in both Balto and in WQ. Many people have come along with the idea that Nava, having spiritual powers, actually turned himself into a husky (at least in appearance) in order to mate with Aniu, and so being father to Balto. They also defend their point by saying that, apparently, only Balto, Aleu and Nava can communicate with Aniu in her spiritual form, so they all have something in common, and that is being family.


Well, I agree with them being "family", but I don't think Nava is Balto's father for the following reasons:

1- Why would Nava turn himself into a husky? And COULD he?

As you might remember in WQ, Nava is a highly balanced wolf who only uses his spiritual powers when it is absolutely necessary. His turning into a husky makes no sense and doesn't tag along with the idea of being a wise entity that values his pack and nature above everything, that doesn't do things "out of order". Any reasons as to why would he shapeshift into a husky?

On the other hand, while Aniu in spiritual form is able to shapeshift into a number of different entities, Nava is seen to be able to "become one" with ELEMENTS alone; we never see him turn into any type of animal.


2- Even if Nava was a shapeshifter, how could two wolves produce a half-breed?

Even being a film/cartoon, you can't deny the unlikeliness of genetics being twirled around so much. If Nava were a shapeshifter, he is STILL a WOLF, his essence is still a wolf. It's the same as saying he wore the cloak of a dog to mate with Aniu, but that wouldn't possibly change his spirit or his heart. So how can he be father to a half-breed if his mate was a wolf as well?

Moreover, Balto seems to imply through Balto and WQ that he remembers his father being a husky. That would mean that Nava would've had to shapeshift again after 2 months (average gestation period in wolves) of mating with Aniu in husky form. Again, why would he?


3- Why would Nava and Aniu leave Balto on his own?

If Nava were Balto's father, it is unlikely that they abandoned the young cub in the wilderness, especially given Nava's personality of being so loyal and even-tempered to his family and the pack. It is most likely that Aniu encountered a sled dog or some husky running out of its kennel and they had... you know, their "thing", and ultimately, for reasons unknown, Aniu lost her cub.


4- Balto has no spiritual powers, while Nava, Aniu and Aleu do.

Again, genetic stuff. If both Nava and Aniu had powers, such as shapeshifting and bonding with nature, it is only natural that their offspring had the same characteristic. Even if he proposed the idea of magic traits being a "weak" genetic inheritance, Balto still HAD to show at least the faintest shred of being a magical being as his supposed parents. And in WQ he even laughs at the thought of him being able to do what Nava does by saying "if I tried that, I'd get splinters". So, his being magical is out of the question, and Nava is ruled out as his father.

BUT, Aleu does portray such magic abilities, though in a much more subtle form that those of Aniu and Nava. Her powers are shown and referenced to all the time during her spiritual journey to find out who she is and what her essence actually is. How can this be explained, if Nava isn't blood-related to her?

Have you ever heard about grandchildren who take on their grandparents? That sometimes certain traits "skip a generation"? I think that could explain why Alue takes her spiritual traits after Aniu.


So, all of this being said, what is Nava's connection to them? A possibility could be that Nava is Aniu's son, thus older half-brother to Balto (hence the physical similarity between Balto, Aleu and Nava). But, again, I find it unlikely because of:

A. Age differences.

I know it is a cartoon/film and all, but trying to be practical, wolves in the wild usually live up to 16 years tops, and they are fertile since 1-2 years old to 12-13 years more or less. So let's recap:

In "Balto" (given the white wolf Balto saw when he fell and her mother are one and the same) Aniu was near-to-death, since WQ happened some months after the Serum Run and she was dead then; so she was around 13-15 years old in "Balto". I believe she was alive during "Balto" I since she left pawprints on the snow: an ethereal or spiritual being couldn't possibly have done that.

Balto is around 1-3 years old during the movies, so Aniu gave birth to him when she was around 11-13 years (some rowdy old lady, huh?). Nava is a very old wolf who's only "strong in spirit", which means he's around 13-14 years old. That's closer, if not equal, to Aniu's age, meaning that the only way he could've been her son was that she had been pregnant when she was really young, around 1-2 years tops. Still, plausible? Yes, but...


B. Nava's name-calling.

Nava always refers to the members of the pack as "brothers". So, I find it REALLY strange that he addresses Aniu by her name, and not "sister" nor "mother", as he would do if he was actually her son and Balto's half-brother. The fact of Nava calling Aniu by her given name could mean two things:

-He deeply respects her.

-He feels deeply connected to her.

Then, if Nava's not Aniu's son, but he feels connected enough to her to be able to communicate and dream of her, he can only be her mate. But if Balto isn't his son, then what the hell happened there?

Here's my final thought *drums roll*


Nava could be Balto's stepfather.


That could explain almost everything (if not everything). I'm currently trying to find an argument that could prove mine wrong, but so far, I think this is the only logical and probable explanation for Nava being linked to Balto's life. Nava and Aniu were mates before she (for reasons unknown) encountered an unknown husky who fathered Balto.

It's easy and you might think I went overboard with the explanation, but I wanted you to follow me really closely as I drew up the conclusions. If anyone else had already post an article of the sort, I apologize for repeating stuff, and in no way attempted to perform plagiarism or anything like that.

As I stated at the beginning of the post, it's my own thought and could be wrong, but it's still kind of plausible. I hope you express your feelings and opinions as well. What do you think about this scenario? Agree or disagree?


Have a nice day!

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November 20, 2014
Usa Is not currently on the site
This is a really good article about Nava and Aniu and I respect you opinion, however I differ slightly in that I believe it may be possible that Aniu and Nava may have not been mates at one point in time but rather brother and sister perhaps. Since Nava was the alpha and leader of the pack it would seem to me that Aniu would be a shaman and would possess more of the spiritual powers, she also most likely would have traveled a lot too which could explain how she might have ran across a husky, perhaps a lost sled team perhaps, or something and could of had inter-cores with him and even lived briefly with this husky to raise Balto before having to leave due to some event or even killed, it is most likely this husky or Aniu possibly would have brought Balto to the edge of Nome where he could stand a chance at survival. If his husky father was killed and Aniu injured it would make since that she would not stay being that the towns people would probably kill her in fear that she is a wolf. Upon Aniu's death it is most likely she created a spiritual link with Nava so he would poses her powers to better lead the pack, as for Aleu she probably inherited those traits through Balto even the he does not possess them, its most likely that he carried them nun the less. hope you like my thought on this, your article is very well written and thought out and I just wanted to take from what you came up with and make my own thought on that.:)

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