Music: what's the point?

Music: what's the point?

We get it, we get it: music and sing-a-longs have always been the draw for kids these days, but what's its purpose in this movie?

We get it: the majority of animated Disney movies since about the 1950's has had a splendor of sing-a-longs and music generally sung by the characters. Peter Pan, Aladdin, even The Emperor's New Groove. Various other children's movies over the decades have caught on: you have American Tail, Anastasia, etc. Most of the time, the storyline music is executed wonderfully and adds to the charm of the movie.

In some ways,  an animated family film as a 'musical' can be a good thing - but not inherently either good or bad. It has to fit. The lyrics have to be written well and sung well and basically curving to the context of the plot. It's not just feature films, too - the same rules apply to play performances, literature, and even abstract forms such as opera and ballet.

Musicals can be brilliant. Characters, prancing around and moving to the feel of the music, portraying a basic story through spoken song, can add to the feel of the performance/work.

Balto 3 didn't do that for me, however. Definitely not.

In fact, I was thoroughly disappointed.

When I first heard Balto 3 would include a 'musical' aspect as seen in popular animated films today, I feared. I did. And the result? Downright sloppy, overdone, and difficult to swallow music.

For importantly: what was the point? Where was it needed, where did it add to the movie?

The first Balto obviously didn't include a character's sing-a-long anywhere. By far, that movie excelled in artistry and brilliance. Significant to note: it was deeply serious at times, but it included a balanced, just plain toasty amount of silliness and fun to appeal to children. That's why you all watched it at whatever age, didn't you?

So what's this 'musical' addition to Balto 3? What in the world is the point of force-feeding the movie a bunch of regurgitated, practically worthless character-song?

It makes me embarrassed for those excellent musical works such as RENT and The Little Mermaid, to be honest.



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June 20, 2009
Is not currently on the site
I hated Stella's song in the third movie. I felt the second and third movies felt more childish and less serious compared to Balto 1. Maybe they're just trying to copy Disney to make their movie more interesting?

March 24, 2009
Usa Is not currently on the site
Wait, there are SONGS in WoC?! I need to rewatch that movie. :P

August 17, 2008
Is not currently on the site
The music was a huge disgrace to the movie. Now, after seeing WoC i
don't even see how the original Balto was related at all!

March 30, 2008
Usa Is not currently on the site
Say wut?
I liked Jenna's song, like Dragon Tamer, but Stella's was just plain
cheesy, to be honest. I'm embarassed just to watch that part!

February 24, 2008
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
yeah, WQ had some, quite frankly, flipping awful songs too, like 'who
you really are'. Stella's song was wierd, and, I haven't seen it in a
looooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg time but i could swear it had penguins in it!
in Alaska? I KNOW! There's a certain style to Balto that means it's
already a great storyline therefore giving it the advantage or not
needing songs! Yet they go ahead and throw some in the sequals!
(Personal Oppinion. If you don't agree with me, not my problem.)

February 24, 2008
Is not currently on the site
I have to agree. There're only a few songs that I don't skip when I
watch my CD.
Just what Steet said, Universal "thought" that
kids like songs. well, actually we do, but we like GOOD songs, not
just random songs that were suddenly sung by random character in a
random situation!

February 23, 2008
Is not currently on the site
the music truly doesnt blend whith the movies 2,3

2:taking you home, ok probably the only good one. who you are , thumbs
down magic doesnt have anything to do whith origanal movie.The grand
desighn,they dont get the fact that little kids wouldnt even like this

balto 3: Beggining song , rather it not be there.Stellas
song, SHUT UP LADY!!!I always skip that one part. You dont have to be
a hero, great on jennas part.

Yes I would
have to agree whith sabsVIRIDiiAN

February 21, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Team Rocket
I personally really like the Disney-esque songs. It made the movie
seem a lot cuter.

February 19, 2008
Is not currently on the site
I agree with Steet, it's a sort of marketing ploy for the kids.
Overall, you're right.
Very good article.

February 19, 2008
Usa Is not currently on the site
Oh my goodness. Finally, someone posts something about this! (might
have been another one, but it COMPLETELY escapes my mind XD)

The songs in both of the sequels were very annoying and
added nothing special to the films. (Hey, I'm a BIG sucker for
musicals, but THIS doesn't count.) They all talked about, "who you
are" and to be yourself. A little YOUNG for this scene, eh Universal?
We're not talking about Barney now, are we? ( ) We hear so much of
this stuff in songs lately, it's not right .____. People lose their
sense of creativity in the process of trying to make money. Sick and

What was wrong with just having background music?
In the original Balto, the White Wolf never broke into song about
saving the kids of Nome and being proud of his wolf heritage!

Oh gosh, I have typed A LOT, haven't I? O.o Sorry for taking
up this much space-I ramble sometimes.

February 18, 2008
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
I know what you mean but I hate sing a longs, I hate musicals. Thus
any random music in a movie I really hate. They had a tolerable one in
Balto 2, and from what I've seen very in tolerable one Balto 3. One of
the main reason I liked Balto so much is no random music! No random
likes start singing and I'll teach you the lyrics ah ha! No one does
that!!! I mean show me someone that when they are having a
conversation breaks out front of others?! TELL ME! ha uh
uh...sorry had to get that made a good point! I respect you!

February 17, 2008
Webmaster France Male Is not currently on the site
AS leader
Well, you're focusing on WoC but you could say the exact same thing
for Wolf quest too. The reason is that the Universal managers asked
that there are at least 3 songs in each film, because "children like
songs". (the associate producer for the two Balto sequels told me
that) Yes, this is stupid, but you need to tell that the deciders at
Universal, because they are convinced about that.
But your
article is a bit confusing. You should have talked about songs, not
musics : there's nothing wrong with the Balto sequels musics, on the
contrary. They have beautiful orchestral soundtrack, just like the
original one. (of course, not the same quality but you can't expect
something any better than James Horner's soundtrack...)

February 17, 2008
Female Is not currently on the site
That's why I never liked WoC. You've got my entire view point here.
Balto 3 is a disgrace to the excellent musicals from the past. Jenna's
voice was nice, but they totally mistreated it with that virtually
pointless song. Loved the article!

February 17, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Rock of Ages
Yeah, I mean, what WAS the point in that? Balto 3 really did NOT need
any songs. But I did like Jenna's singing. She has a good voice .
But I like this Article. What was the point? Did there need to be
songs at all? Maybe they were just trying to make it more like WQ. I

February 17, 2008
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
I didn't like Stella's singing, but Jenna's was pretty nice in my
opinion. I guess that's because I focus on message so much.

February 17, 2008
Is not currently on the site
You know you have a point. I really enjoyed this article. Usually
I'd say a really good point but right now I can't think of anything.

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