Jenna's progenitors.

Jenna's progenitors.

Who became the inspiration for this character.

What I will write in this article, I saw literally this morning. And I did not want to delay. Yes, I wrote about characters that served as the inspiration for Niju, Dusty and Steele. But now we will focus on the main heroine. About a dog named Jenna. We will talk about of its preimage, as well as the controversial and suspicious moments and comparisons.

Okay.  It's no secret that Jenna's animator, Maximilian Graenitz, based his drawings on actress Audry Hepburn. And, I admit, she is very beautiful. And her radiant, fascinating, ingrained and eye-catching sight is just awesome.
And the evidences of such cool choice are known to almost everyone.

But what is with her character design? Many people think that the authors drew her from Lady from "Lady and the Tramp." But no. Not at all. Combine these two dogs exclusively a big kind eyes and role of the popular thoroughbred beauty with "blue blood". From "Lady and the Tramp" they took only the plot "noble purebred woman and street waif with charisma". In addition, the dog adventurer Tramp I like much more than a weak pacifist Balto. Tramp is cunning, sympathetic, responsive, cheerful, always finds a way out of different situations, smart and bold (Tramp fought with FOUR aggressive dogs, when he defended Lady). And he won a fight. Balto, unfortunately, despite the fact that he is half wolf, does not similar like someone who has a wolf ancestors. I do not believe that wolves were in his family (in the first film did not say exactly who of Balto's parent was a wolf). In general, there is very little in common. "Lady and the Tramp", in my opinion, is much thought, creativity and bigger.
My favorite characters in the movie - Tramp and Peg.

So. Today I stumbled upon it. If anyone does not knows, it's "Rover Dangerfield", which is considered a bad film (but with a great comedian Rodney Dangerfield). And perhaps this is a big coincidence, but one of the characters, a dog named Daisy, is very similar to Jenna (or Jenna is similar to her). Look.


Although the picture is quite nice.


They have a similar anatomy and silhouette. That is, take a look at them. Exact contours and forms of thin legs, slender streamlined body, small paws, narrow muzzle and a furry neck. It's true. If you forget about a different hair color, you can easily say that this is one and the same.


Well, yes, a big coincidence. Of Course.


Now look at their faces. Same here! The same facial expressions. The same manner. Mouth opens to the same way. Eyebrows equally tense. Faces are the same. However, Daisy's eyes are quite large, but in general the same.


And who stole from whom?


Okay. "Rover Dangerfield" was released in 1991. While on the "Balto" just started working in 1992, releasing in 1995. The only difference in the breeds of dogs: Jenna is a Siberian Husky, Daisy is a collie.  And it really is a strange choice. In general, I do not know how to react.


But it is worth thinking about.

Write. Thanks for reading.

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April 21, 2021
Is not currently on the site
I always thought that Jenna should not be like that, if we stick to how a Siberian husky is, her muzzle in representation is not so long and fine and a layer of hair so abundant on the neck, but at that time they did not care so much about what a character was proportional and realistic, it is an issue that thanks to today's 3D animation has been solved brilliantly.

January 19, 2015
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
I think Daisy looks more similar to Flo from All Dogs go to Heaven (although much of that owes to being the same breed). The similarities between her and Jenna are kind of vague and universal, admittedly (i.e. the posture hints at a classic feminine image, and the expressions are what you would expect if you took the same emotions and put them into the face of a female dog), but that's not to say that there's not some connection. Speaking from experience, I've seen images which were based on other movies and yet had less resemblance to them than Jenna has to Daisy. With that in mind, who knows? You may have something here.

January 18, 2015
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
The only reason I've heard of the movie Rover Dangerfield is because of Nostalgia Critic's review of the movie. Here's the review

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