Genetics of the dogs part1

Genetics of the dogs part1

A look into the genetics of some of jenna,balto and pups

A note before we start: i will be using the term 'gene' to mean a few things but may edit this later to use more correct language. I am not an expert on the breeds involed and have used the AKC site for help.

Hi today we will be looking at a few of the dogs from the movies , now as its a movie they have to take some libertys with color so we will be using what we can,

I think we should start with are leading lady

Now at frist jenna looks to be red, and to be fair she is, I belive she is a liver and tan with white

now shes a 'movie' vr of liver so the redish tones have been upplayed making her red, her white markings come from 2 diffrent genes, one hasnt had much reserch but it turns the 'tan' color of a dog white in this case, then her white spotting causes the widows peak

now lets look into her genes that she likley has


kk - this gene is coding for if we can see whats on A, K means solid black and Kb is brindle  and k is black and red with the patten of what ever is coded for on the A gene. 
bb - b codes for liver, liver turns black hairs a brown (sometimes redish brown) color. It needs two resessive genes to show.
ATa- A codes for a few markings , sable ,Wolf grey , Black and tan (AT) and ressive  black (a), while im unsure if soild black on a husky is ressive black or dominate with jenna i have guessed ressive black to help with the pups later on 
EE- E codes for all other red/black markings that the above (a)gene , as jenna has none she is EE - no markings added
Ssp - sp is the only known gene to cause white markings (others are theroyized but still need reserch) and is called white spotting, S means no spotting but when Ssp dogs can show a small amount of white. this forms jennas forhead marking


Balto on the other hand is very easy to work out, hes a wolf grey. Wolf grey appers very much like black and tan with ligher areas   near/around the dogs eyes,chest and belly much like balto, normaly the ligher area is a ginger color but with the help of that gene i mentioned in jennas it turns the ginger a ligher color, in the case of balto the color isnt fully changed to white and the wolf grey hairs mixed in cause his lighter color to be brownish in color. 

so his coding is



kk - as with jenna he is not a solid black  there for he can not be K_ and is not brindle so is not Kb
Bb-  while balto is not a liver color he has liver pups so we will give him the gene for it ,Bb wont express liver but can pass it to pups
Awa - balto is a wolf grey meaning he is Aw but like with jenna there is one pup whom needs both parents to have ressive black to ring true so we are giving them the gene - it has no effect on balto.
EE- as balto has no markings related to anything on e he is just EE
SS- balto has no white spotting


    Now we are moving on to Jenna and Baltos pups, as i said above i wanted to make them realistic  and so with everything covered above.
i want to start with the easy 3 , the white faced pups these pups like there mother are liver and tan with the dan changed to white and white markings giving them the forhead markings, below is there coding, bolded means they got it from balto 

kbb  ATEE Ssp

next we will have a look at the red faced pups , i belive he is a ressive black changed to liver with white spotting

kk bb aa EE Ssp

now we need to look at Aleu and her bar fanced sibling, these two have the same genes but one is Aw the other At

kk Bb AWa EE  SS (Aleu)
kk bb  Ata EE SS (bar nose pup)

as with balto alues underside isnt changed to white as much as her siblings and the greyish hairs mix in to give the grey-brown color


So what colors can other pups balto and jenna have?

well to the right you can see some gene coding and
there color  meanings, these are the colors there pups
could be. Please note when refering to black and tan 
the tan ares will be white

some interesting points are, you can make a steele
clone useing balto and jennas genes. You could also
make a dog baced off the real balto with some of
these genes.

kk EE awat  Bb  SS  (wolf grey)
kk EE awat Bb Ssi    (wolf grey white marking)
kk EE awat  bb SS    (liver wolf grey)
kk EE awat bb  Ssi   (liver wolf grey white markings)
kk EE awa Bb SS (wolf grey)
kk EE awa Bb Ssi   (wolf grey with white markings)
kk EE awa bb SS  (liver wolf grey)
kk EE awa bb Ssi  (liver wolf grey white markings)
kk EE ata Bb SS  (Black and tan)
kk EE ata Bb Ssi  (Black and tan with white markings)
kk EE ata bb SS  (liver and tan)
kk EE ata bb Ssi  (liver and tan with white markings)
kk EE aa Bb SS  (black )  
kk EE aa Bb Ssi (black and white)
kk EE aa bb SS  (liver)
kk EE aa bb Ssi (liver and white)



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This might actually help with making Balto puppies for the future :)

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