Dusty's progenitors.

Dusty's progenitors.

Character, who was the inspiration for Dusty.

And, until recently, Dusty and Aleu. Many believe that Dusty was copied from Aleu. In fact, nope. These  characters were copied from a completely different images from different movies.
Prototype for Aleu was only one of Balto's old designs. The strip on the nose and doggy markings. It's just kind of a rip-off.
Not very skillfully done.

Okay. Let me explain. The authors did not searched for Aleu something new, it just sketched from the old design Balto. Aleu is completely impersonal, clichéd and annoying character. What's wrong? All. She does not has a bright personality or memorable traits. It's just tipical and disaffected teenager who so Disney cheapquels sinned. These teenagers are held the same story that was in the original film, what held their mother / father.

And here's the thing. Aleu was lively and likable character, when she was little. I could really feel  her personality. She was vivacious, playful, savvy, inquisitive, curious, lively and attractive at a time when she was a puppy. It was a little naughty a savage with inclinations of free leader. Charming wolf cub with beautiful eyes-sapphires,  and silver, sonorous, glib voice. And all this she differed from the gray mass of identical red puppies that were her pack.


But when she became an adult, she became faceless rip-off of the original Balto's design. She has become stupid and cross-eyed mongrel having deformed body and dirty wool. There is nothing, even brains. Besides, why no man took her ?! Personally, I would take this small she-wolf for three reasons:

1. Of all the puppies she is the most beautiful. And most lively.
2. I love wolves.
3. Well this is a small copy of the dog-hero who saved the city!

Seriously, what is wrong with these people?!

I hope you understand me. If authors would have left Aleu a little puppy, the whole plot was to be her personal journey, perception and  returning. Without wolves, of course, but among wild nature and cities in Alaska.


Now, Dusty. She has more interesting appearance (character design) and more interesting character. Sociable temperament, active, cheerful, irrepressible and warm character. Clear eye shape. Interesting amethyst eye color. Beautiful smoky color of wool. The strength and team spirit. And the excitement of friends. Cool and catchy.
Beautiful Dusty
Still, for she had her own prototype, too.

Oddly enough, but this cartoon, I think, will appearance very often . To me, at least. Yes, it's a cartoon in 1996. "White Fang. Animated film". Do you see this female "wolf"? It's Kiche, White Fang's mother. Kichi embodies in itself  the decisiveness, maternal care, intelligence, courage, hardness, kindness and faithfulness. Dusty's character was based on the appearance, character design and way of Kichi (again, from the movie).
Also written in "interesting facts" to the WoC. Interesting choice.

Write. If that.

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