Dusty/Ralph Counterbalance

Dusty/Ralph Counterbalance

Okay, there's so many Dusty/Kodi topics and articles out there! But what about Dusty and Ralph?

Okay, there's so many Dusty/Kodi topics and articles out there! But what about Dusty and Ralph? I mean Phil Weinstein, the director of Balto 2 and 3, said so himself that he wanted more Dusty/Ralph scenes in the movie, but could only add a couple due to time constraints.

Now, I'm a firm supporter or canon and non-canon pairings, but I'm wondering why Ralph is given such little credit? Is he such a bad guy compared to Kodi? Why don't people like him that much? I personally think it's cuz Ralph isn't the sleek sex-god people see Kodi as. But I'm going to do some extra, neutral, analysis here just to find some more proof so that we can balance out the fandom a little bit.

Let's start at the beginning.

The first thing we notice about Ralph is his voice. Bill Fagerbakke is his actor (and also Mr. Connor's voice) and do you know who else he voiced? Patrick Star from Nickelodeon's Spongebob Squarepants.


Bill Fagerbakke also did some other voice work in cartoons like Kim Possible, Transformers, The Spectacular Spiderman, and more. And every character was rather likable for being silly or any other reason. Now why can't we like Ralph for the same reason?

'Because he whined and complained alot' would be the normal Balto-fan's answer.

Now let's take a look here. Ralph wasn't the only one to complain about conditions or situations. Any secondary sled-dog character BUT Kodi had some kind of excuse as to why they were late delivering the mail and none of them seemed to really care or worry about it either.

"Kodi: We're late again!

Kirby: Yeah, well, what's the big deal? We're just runnin' the mail, not savin' the town.

Ralph: --like your old man.

Kirby: Zip it, Ralph! We would've been on time if you hadn't been draggin' your butt the whole way!"

We see Kirby here blaming it on Ralph for their tardiness.

"Ralph: Me!? I've got a broken toenail and its driving me crazy!"

A broken toenail seems like a pretty legit excuse to me. You ever have one of those? They KILL! ESPECIALLY if you have to run for miles on it afterward.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it the musher's job to make sure that his dogs are in peak physical condition before running them? So, it wasn't even Ralph's fault for the mail being late, plus it's a pretty good reason to have to slow up if he wanted to avoid further injuries.

"Ralph: Besides, Kirby, you kept yanking to the right!

Kirby: I had a lousy breakfast this mornin'! I got no energy!"

Now that's not a legitimate excuse for slacking either. Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. And if you're going to be running for hours and hours, then why WOULDN'T you eat a good breakfast?

"Dusty: Hey, hey, it wasn't our faults, y'know? Hello? The ice was slippery? And I mean, everybody knows the snow is treacherous in the spring!"

Yes, that is a legitimate reason for being late. We see this as even being a real dangerous problem later on in the movie as well. And like Dusty said, everyone knows the snow is treacherous in the spring. And by everyone, she probably meant anyone who's had actual experience pulling a sled in every season.

Note: Ralph makes a comment and Dusty is actually shown laughing at it. Obviously showing she finds him funny. This screenshot was taken right after the comment (see the snow on his paw) and Dusty is laughing.


But then here's Kodi after her comment that its simply no excuse for being late and he's rather beefed about it too.

"Kodi: But that's no excuse for being late! Everyone counts on us!"

And just to show that he was referring to DUSTY'S comment.

"Kodi: Neither snow, nor rain, nor sleet, nor hail will stop the US mail!"

And Dusty, like the other dogs, doesn't really take his comment seriously at ALL.

"Dusty: *chuckling* Yeah, what are they gonna do? Fire us? *laughs*"

And here's our first actual piece of evidence pointing towards Dusty/Ralph connection. ACTUAL eye-contact. And no, its not an animation mistake. They're shown staring at each other for a SOLID 5 seconds (until there's a jump-cut to Kirby saying 'Look, Kodi. Bottom line: we got the mail to Nome. Enough said.') and who knows how much longer they stared at each other after that.


Now, there's other things besides staring. They're almost always next to each other. And since I'm going to go for ACTUAL evidence, I'm only going to show scenes where they're standing notably close to each other.

Like here.


And again


Now since they're not the main focus of the movie, we don't see them until Mel and Dipsy start warning the entire town about the mail-dogs job crisis. We see Dusty out of the two, and just who does she decide to warn first? Kodi? Nope. Its Ralph.


Everyone says that Ralph is lazy and just doesn't want to do anything. Now that's just stupid. If he was lazy, why would be even be a working dog? A working dog is exactly that. They LOVE to work. And Ralph is no exception just because of his size. I mean look at him in this scene. As soon as Dusty warns him, he's up and rarin' to go. He's not wasting ANY time. He knows this is an urgent situation.

People also say he's stupid. But in the scene below, he's the only one who makes the most crucial point out of the entire problem (and I believe they should've really emphasized more on it to just show how bad it would be if the dogs actually did lose their jobs). He says 'If we don't deliver the mail, who will want us?'

If you've read Call of the Wild by Jack London or read any other dog-based story or seen any movie, you see just how cruel dogs were treated back then. Alot were constantly sold and most of them were sold to bad people who didn't give too big a care about their health. So obviously, its a HUGE problem for the dogs, that Ralph brought up, but for some reason they don't even emphasize it that much in the movie.


Now here is just another scene where Dusty and Ralph are standing together.


And here's another scene that shows that Ralph means business. Also shows he's smart and can catch on what Dusty meant when she and Kirby mention that they need the fastest dog in Nome.

"Ralph: The most famous dog in Nome."

Now, since sidelong glances are apparently the MOST noteworthy proof that there's romantic interest among characters, here's one of the many shots of Dusty looking (and smiling) at Ralph. How do I know she's looking at him? Well, he's talking, that's why.


Another scene were Dusty's closest Ralph, and not Kodi.


More proof here, showing not only Dusty's interest in him (no its not an animation error. She only has one thing to look at when she looks to the side, so why wouldn't she be looking at Ralph?) but also showing that Ralph is not lazy. He's anxious to get the race going.

"Ralph:Are you ready? I'm ready! Are you ready? Cuz I'm ready!"

And of course Dusty is smiling at him. She's also staring at him for the majority of that scene.


And once again, Mr. Simpson shows how much of a sucky dog owner he is (maybe he shouldn't even have his job if he keeps wanting to run lame dogs xD). Ralph's toenail still hurts him. But when he says 'We better slow down!' Dusty is the only one who doesn't look at him peculiarly or angrily.


The race carries on and Dusty's weather problem she mentioned earlier now takes into effect and she nearly falls off the cliff. No doubt he's scared for her. Obviously shows he cares about her.


Balto, Kodi's FATHER, seemed more ANNOYED that she nearly fell off (i'll have a screenshot of this soon). Now why would he be ANNOYED or ANGRY at THAT? It was obviously an accident. Plus if his son showed the slightest interest in a girl, you'd think he'd be a little understanding about her nearly falling off a cliff and dying.


This isn't an 'animation mistake'. He holds this face for a couple seconds to let his feelings process into your brain.


Still concerned abut her well-being, even tho she's safely back on track.


And in the next scene, we see that even KIRBY was concerned about her. But look who the heck is smiling!! The only dogs who are heartless apparently. You're probably like 'WELL, KODI'S JUST GLAD SHE'S ALRIGHT!' Now I don't know about you, but one second isn't long enough for me to register and start smiling all calm-like if the one I supposedly loved just nearly fell off a cliff. I'd kind of be going into hysterics.


Now for the cream of the crop. The nuzzle. The in-stone truth that Dusty had SOME interest in Ralph.


I've had people argue with me on this, that a nuzzle means nothing. The lot of you are probably like 'They're DOGS! Dogs nuzzle each other all the time! It doesn't mean anything!!'

Well, first off, if a nuzzle means nothing, I suppose that means every nuzzle Jenna gave Balto was just platonic right? She didn't have any interest in him at all and was totally digging on Morse, right? Yeah. I'm sure.

Second off, why are you putting dogs in every humanlike situation, EXCEPT this one, huh? You've made them have husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, voices, facial expressions, MORALS. Why are they all practically human up until this point?

Now, lets look at Dusty's character. She's the only girl-dog on a team, meaning all the others are guys right? I mean its simple mathematics. She's playful, spunky, hangs out with the guys, but doesn't let on at ALL that she's a floozy.

***Ladies, you hug your girl-friends right? Why do you hug them? Cuz you like them right? Do you like them romantically? No. Cuz they're girls!

***Another instance, you know this guy, right? He TOTALLY likes you. But you don't like him back, not in 'that way' tho. Right? Do you hug him? No. Now why don't you hug him? Because hugs are a sign of love and affection. And if you don't like a guy 'that way' why would you want to show him a sign of love and affection? Well, if you were a very mean girl and just wanted to get his hopes up, sure you may hug him, but is Dusty mean? No.

***Another instance, you know this guy, right? He TOTALLY likes you. But you DO like him back, and in 'that way'. Do you hug him? Yes! Cuz you want to let him know you like him!

Simple knowledge of human behavior.

Back on track.

Dusty's obviously enjoying herself, and so is Ralph.


She even playfully splashes him and smiles at him. Now this would be considered FLIRTING. Another sign of love and affection amongst people and other anthropomorphic animal characters.


In simple movies such as this, if they show any character reaction and get it across this well, is ALWAYS means something. And in this case, Dusty just nuzzled and splashed Ralph and then ran off. The scene then shows Ralph smiling and then running off after her. He's smiled, see? It means a GOOD thing just happened to that character and it was a mutual thing.


And he does indeed chase after her. And she's even looking back and smiling at him. You can tell. Now if a guy was chasing you for the wrong reasons, wouldn't you be running a little FASTER instead of running by his side?


Here Dusty and Ralph are again, standing next to each other closely, judging by their size and the perspective.


Now here Dusty is here laying by Ralph, and Kodi hitting Kirby in the head. Why wouldn't Kodi be playing with Dusty if he liked her? Or vice versa? Maybe cuz he's not interested?


'Dusty: Roflmao'


Here's Dusty again, smiling and laughing at Ralph's teasing of Duke, just like what Kirby and Kodi are doing. But she's standing nearest Ralph.


Back on the subject of Dusty's attitude towards Balto. Just like Kirby and Ralph, she's looking at Balto skeptically. Now if she was into Kodi 'that way' don't you think she'd have the least bit of respect for his father? I mean, this is his Dad, his hero, and the hero of Nome. Why would you follow the crowd and accuse him of 'helping the enemy'?


Off-subject a bit, but this is showing what a good sport Ralph is. Kirby just blatantly made fun of him, and Ralph's laughing with everyone. Dusty is laughing too, cuz obviously she knows that Ralph can take a joke, unlike some people, hahaha.


Dusty is not amused by Balto's heroisms. (the funny thing she holds that face for like ten seconds)


In the boiler room is where we see everyone next. It's after the race and the partying, and everyone's finally noticing how tired they are. Ralph just expressed how achy he is, and Dusty goes through the trouble of actually lifting her head just to see if he was okay. Now why wouldn't she just look at her with her peripheral vision? It's less work. Cuz she's genuinely concerned for him. Yeah, she's frowning, but why are any of them frowning? Cuz they're tired, obviously.


Finally we see Kodi come in and he's starting to express his worry about the pilot. Now for those of you who find any Kodi/Dusty evidence in this particular scene? You're imagining things. Because if you liked someone, why would you accuse them of joining the other side? Dusty's just as mad and skeptical of him as Kirby and Ralph are. She even turns her head away to give him the cold shoulder, like what Kirby and Ralph are doing.


As for Dusty showing concern for Kodi MORE than Kirby or Ralph? How do you not see that Kirby and Ralph feel and look just as guilty as Dusty does.


As for the last scene of Dusty looking at Kodi? Guess who else is looking at Kodi? Kirby and Ralph. Does that mean Kirby and Ralph show some kind of romantic interest in Kodi? No. They're looking at him because he just acted like a leader.


I hope this topic was enlightening for everyone. And I also hoped I balanced out some of the Kodi/Dusty/Ralph fans. Because quite frankly, people are looking ridiculously deep into Kodi/Dusty pairing even if there isn't even anything in the MOVIE. ('Dusty looked at Kodi! THEY'RE IN LOVE!')

Now, you all can still think Dusty ends up with Kodi later on in life. You can still like Kodi better than Ralph. You can still think Dusty and Ralph have a litter in the next movie or whatever. You can think whatever you want. (tho i will admittedly say I want people to stop looking for Kodi/Dusty signs in the MOVIE because they're not there. They're just not xD) But do take what I said into consideration, and stop bashing each other with all the '___ SUCKS! ___ ENDS UP WITH ___!!!' Its getting VERY tiring.

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Last comments

December 26, 2015
Usa Is not currently on the site
You make some really good and analytical points sir. I'm starting lean towards having Kodi be with a pup of Star and Dixie.

July 31, 2014
Usa Is not currently on the site
cool article and has anyone else seen how ralphs eyes are yellow like a wolf or a wolf/dog hybredlol :icon14: :icon14:

May 08, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
I think that Ralph and Dusty are siblings

July 27, 2011
Is not currently on the site
This article was really awsome! Now I see how Dusty loves Ralph better than Kodi!

July 15, 2011
Is not currently on the site
You know what I don't understand? It seems like the K/D supporters only have the looking evidence (that's what I call it), but then there's the scene where Dusty and Ralphe rub together, which most of them dismiss as "hugging".

Hmm. So looking means something MORE than hugging does?
Boy, that makes perfect sense. ░x░

March 22, 2011
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Not active
I think ralph is cool, but I think Dusty and Kodi are together. And you said: "Because quite frankly, people are looking ridiculously deep into Kodi/Dusty pairing even if there isn't even anything in the MOVIE. ('Dusty looked at Kodi! THEY'RE IN LOVE!')"
Well, many people have found just as many of those as you have found, and your doing it too the Dusty looked at Ralph! THEY'RE IN LOVE! thing. people don't just find one image. Look at these: http://www.animationsource.org [...] e_or_not/85712.html&id_film=12
http://www.animationsource.org [...] and_Kodi/85728.html&id_film=12

March 21, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Preach to 'em Cat!!! WHOO-WHOO!!!

July 29, 2010
Usa Is not currently on the site
Rush took the words right out of my mouth

June 12, 2010
Usa Is not currently on the site
No weapon can sever the soul from me
Good article. But I always thought they had grown up together and were practically siblings or something. Still...very enlightening. And I TOTALLY agree with the whole "just because they looked at each other doesn't mean they're in love!!" I look at guys all the time. Does that mean I like them? No way in Hades! Excellent article, Cat. I'm still a Dusty+Kodi fan, though.

March 13, 2010
Newzealand Is not currently on the site
It's a animated movie.....I'll see how long it takes you to figure out what that means........

December 02, 2009
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Wow. INCREDIBLE article! You obviously put a lot of thought and effort into this.
Now, I'm not going to criticize you at all; just going to give my honest opinion.
I've always understood why people like to pair Dusty up with Kodi than with Ralph. After all, Kodi is considered sleek, good-looking, etc. I'll even admit that I was a bit partial to that myself. But as I read articles, and finally came across yours, I realized that you're right. Dusty and Ralph show many signs that they like each other in WoC.
But - now here it comes - everyone has their opinions. No matter what, you're always going to have some people who contradict you. And, not to mention, anything can happen. This is a fan site, so naturally, people are going to have different views of what happens AFTER the movies. I have read so many fan fics expressing what they think happen with the characters, and they are all so different that it's impossible to choose just one right answer.
On my part, I think you're right. Dusty and Ralph clearly show signs on romance in WoC. Like I said, though, things happen after the movies. I'm currently in the middle of writing a Kodi/Dusty fic, and I like how it's turning out, so I'm not going to change it. But your article has given me a little more appreciation for Ralph, and a little something extra to add to my story. ;)
Sorry for boring you with my speech. :/:
All in all, fantastic article! Keep up the good work! :)

September 07, 2009
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
(Free) Unalaq Pack Babysitter
Love this article, fantastic comparison!

Must have taken A LOT of time Geez

Great job! ;)

August 24, 2009
Canada Female Is not currently on the site
1. Ralph isn't fat. He's just very furry, and underneath that fur, what makes him look fat, I beleive is just muscle. He probaly has a thin skim of fat, everyone does.

2. It is completly un-animal like to stay with the same dog or what not for the rest of their lives after having babies. After that happend, most of the time, dogs just up and ditch. And most likely never see eachother again. Unless of course, they live with eachother, then thats a different story. But otherwise, dogs will never stay with eachother for more than the time it takes to mate.

3. I beleive that the we gave the dogs voices because we feel it's easier than making them sound like REAL dogs. PLus, it helps make it easier to interprate them.

Completely love the article though.

July 18, 2009
Is not currently on the site
DUH this is totally correct because Kodi takes no intererst in her so why think that they like eachother?

July 09, 2009
Female Is not currently on the site

June 25, 2009
Usa Is not currently on the site
wow this is great! *dubs you the master of articles*

June 21, 2009
Is not currently on the site
Jersey --> Actually, "deconstruction" a good way to describe it Never thought of it that way. But yeah, Ralph is a very under-rated character. If you think about it, he and Po (if you've seen Kung-Fu Panda) are very much alike, and yet you don't see people hate Po. What's up with that?

Angel --> If you say so.

June 21, 2009
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Talent Over Image
Angel-- You have never said that to me! Infact you hardly talked to me at all. lol

June 20, 2009
Usa Is not currently on the site
that is what i told medic too cat

June 16, 2009
Is not currently on the site
This is a wonderful article, Cat! (Though you know my stance on the "Kodi glanced at Kirby during his comment" thing. And yes, I think it's best for all that we all leave it at that and go no further.)

I think it's much of what you said...Ralph is viewed as a lazy, whining, complaining, and slow-witted guy. And overweight. The very antithesis of the "masculine ideal" that most vacuous, self-absorbed, egocentric, shallow people strive for. That, somehow, only good-looking, shapely, positive people can be good mates. PFF. Ralph's a great character, and there clearly IS a hint of romantic interest between he and Dusty there. And good for them! Beyond the *ahem* unmentionable thing, I see no romantic link between Kodi and Dusty at all...just good friendship.

Looks like you are on the "deconstruction" bandwagon, like I was with the puppies thing. Heh heh.

June 08, 2009
Is not currently on the site
DT --> That's exactly what I'm talking about if you've read ANYTHING of what I've said ░x░ I'm providing evidence IN THE MOVIE not OUTSIDE OF THE MOVIE cuz there is no evidence OUTSIDE OF THE MOVIE. That's where FANS come in. YEESH. Besides, what, are you saying that Dusty's gonna get tired of Ralph? I don't hear any of you saying that Jenna would get tired of Balto. Why is it in /their/ case they'll be together forever and that Dusty and Ralph aren't? Cuz Balto and Jenna had kids? So what? xD You saying that Ralph isn't gonna mature up? Or even thin up after the movie?

Why don't you all just admit that you think Kodi's the "better choice" because he's the all-round perfect character and you all love him for it? lol I believe there was an episode of that God-awful All Dogs Go To Heaven series that says something around the lines that perfect isn't all its cracked up to be lol Thank you, Charlie Barkin, for making a valid point.

June 08, 2009
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
cat --> And neither can you produce an effective counterattack on our character-based evidence that Dusty should go for Kodi. Perhaps she was wih Ralph at the time of the movie. So what? Last most of my high school classmates saw of me, I was dating a girl who was completely wrong for me. That does not mean I stayed with her, nor that I should have. When it comes to the question of who would be the better choice, you're powerless.

June 08, 2009
Is not currently on the site
Imaus --> Um. No xD Its a completely different dog. Besides, that "evidence" was more of a joke anyway, which apparently none of your got cuz you're taking this so seriously. Just the same, it doesn't counterattack on the /good/ evidence I provided.

June 06, 2009
Usa Is not currently on the site
Lone Wolf
You know, isn't that brown dog in the picture with this caption, "And in the next scene, we see that even KIRBY was concerned about her. But look who the heck is smiling!! The only dogs who are heartless apparently. You're probably like 'WELL, KODI'S JUST GLAD SHE'S ALRIGHT!' Now I don't know about you, but one second isn't long enough for me to register and start smiling all calm-like if the one I supposedly loved just nearly fell off a cliff. I'd kind of be going into hysterics." a recolered version of Ralph, because he has the same markings. And, like Medic said, I only support Kodi+Dusty to fight of the other pairing of Kodi with some one from Balto 3, which is quite popular.

June 05, 2009
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Talent Over Image
Ok I'm just making this clear from me and a lot of fellow Kodi/Dusty fans... I don't care what you guys still think of me but I'm Kodi and Dusty all the way. I don't care if Kodi and Dusty are the offical couple or not. I don't care if Phil Whiensen said so. I don't even care if I become hated because of my opinion. I've been seeing comments like Kodi and Dusty fans should read this, I did read it and I'm still Kodi/Dusty no matter what anyone thinks.

I'm not talking to anyone in particular, I'm just making an announcment for what me most of the Kodi/Dusty fans believe.

June 04, 2009
Female Is not currently on the site
Great article Cat! The Kodiak and Dusty fans should really read this because it shows more then Dusty and Ralph just looking at each other. I have to admit, I used to think that Dusty and Ralph where actually siblings. But after reading this article, It explains that they like each other then them being siblings. Great Work!

June 03, 2009
Is not currently on the site
A great article with great evidence. You've really shown what a great couple Dusty and Ralph actually make. Comically, this also supports your Kodi/Kirby thoery. lol ;)

June 02, 2009
Is not currently on the site
Husky --> lol Thank you

Truthstater --> Hey no skin off my nose xD

Cierral --> Kay that had nothing to do with anything xD

June 01, 2009
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
When the movie first came out, (I was 9) I thought that Dusty was really Alue. XD

June 01, 2009
Newzealand Is not currently on the site
If this carries on i'm going to unleash my secret wepon which will annoy you so much you won't dare to talk about this again! Muahahahahahaha!


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