Dog and wolf characteristics in Balto

Dog and wolf characteristics in Balto

Just pointing out all appearance differences between dogs and wolves in Balto movie

I want to point out all appearance traits common to all husky-like dogs and all wolves and what makes them different from each other. So if there's anyone who care that their character is a female wolf that can't look like Jenna or their character is a male husky who can't loook like Balto, this may help you.



There are a lot gender differences in dog faces. I noticed that all male dogs' noses are big, so their mouths are wide too. Unlike males, female's noses are small and their mouts are tigth.

For both genders they have tight and rather short and small ears. Star is only one exception here because his ears are much longer, but they are still tight.

Round-shaped with white backround for both genders. Any other traits like size, colour etc. are unique for a character.

Eyes Wolf

Huskies have tight legs and tiny paws. Their posture is straight with head up. Females appear rather skinny. All genders have neck fluff and tail going upwards.



Sadly, I can't tell anything about gender differences here. We have one male half-wolf and all of the pure wolves that appeared were genderless. I know that White Wolf IS officialy Aniu, but this fact was created by 2nd movie directors. Creators of the first movie didn't mean White Wolf to be Balto's mother, so it is genderless.

Unlike huskies, wolves' nose is rather small and their mouths are tight and long.

It's hard to define wolf ears here. Balto's ears and longer and wider than any dogs' ears, but all of the pure wolfes' ears are very small and short.

Again, it's hard to form an one definition. Balto's eyes are round-shaped and it may be a trait from his dog ancestors, because all other wolves' eyes are small and almond-shaped. We have only one wolf whose eye colour we can see and it's yellow on black background. However, Balto's eyes have yellow background, unlike dogs. Let's just say that wolves' eyes can come on two different backgrounds - black or yellow.


As you can see, wolves' build is much different from dogs. They appear hunched with their heads in the same position as their body. They look more "furry", especially on chest and backs. Pure wolves appear bigger than Balto.

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nine one troll!

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This is actually a really good article. I didn't know all the differences until I read this. Good job Sakujo. ;)

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