Did Aleu go to Russia?

Did Aleu go to Russia?

There might be a possibility she did not!





Okay, after having watched the Balto 2 WQ movie for the hundreth time, I realized there was something eerie about Balto's dream when he was near the Bering Straight. when it shows the ice bridge form and the caribou hop across the ice chunks, we as the viewers can see that it is a landmass with trees and such, but when it pans out, the edges of the landmass disappear, as if it were an island. It might be just a program error, but it is kinda fun to toy around with the idea that maybe, there is something else out there, some other story.



In the Bering Straight, there is a landmass that rests between Russia and Alaska, this island is named; Little Diomede Island. This might have been the land mass that Alue led the wolves to. I know WQ had like 1000's of mistakes, but it really isn't that far fetched.




Should have Alue crossed, following the caribou, the island is WAY too small to hold packs of wolves, and packs of Caribou, so if anything that I said above is false, it is more probable that the writers meant for them to end up in Russia. 


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October 29, 2012
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well i dont know i think she really go to russia

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