Aniu-White wolf solutions to differences

Aniu-White wolf solutions to differences

Some solutions to the Aniu/White Wolf differnce problems.

Many believe Aniu and the white wolf are NOT the same, but I believe thay are. Many believe it's because

1. They look different

2. The white wolf towers over Balto, and Aniu doesn't

3. Aniu is magic

I have some solutions to these problems:

1. They look different:

For the straight to DVD/Video sequals of Balto, they hire cheaper animators, because Balto 1 was so good, it got lots of fans. The different animators animate differently. For example, the wolves on the hill and the wolves in WQ are totally different. The wolves on the hill are more wolf-like, and WQ wolves are more animated looking. That could be the reason for that. (pics at bottom)

2. The white wolf towers over Balto, and Aniu doesn't

It has been a few years since Balto met the white wolf, to the time he met Aniu. He could have grown. Also, the other wolves in WQ are the same size. The white wolf is a wolf and so are they, another reason why he could have grown. Also, the new animators could have messed up with the size, like they did many times in the adoption scene. (pics at bottom)

3 .Aniu is magc.


In WQ, Aniu magically appears to Balto. When the white wolf appears the second time in the original, when Balto howls, the white wolf appears, it doesn't walk into sight, it appears out of no-where, then walks up to Balto. another reason why.




I hope you liked my first article! I tried my best to get the info. :)

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August 04, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
The reason they look different is that in the first movie when the white wolf appears, she isnt really there. She is a figment of Baltos imagination, hence the way she towers over him, as she would have seemed very large in comparison to him when he was a pup. He remembers her as large, so thats how she appears to him, hence, when she physically appears to him in the second movie, and she howls to him, she is only slightly larger than him, as a full wolf would be. In the second film, it is the same principal. We can assume that Nava is Balto's grandfather, hence the resemblance between him and Balto, and the knowledge of the white wolf's name, as well as the fact that she and Nava seem to have the same exact sort of "Powers." Balto sees the real Aniu, and learns that that is in fact her name, on the beach at the very end of Wolf Quest. It is here that we actually get to see her for more than just a few seconds, hence the animators being able to add more details. Notice that all of the apparitions of Aniu that we see watching over and guiding Balto throughout the first two films look exactly the same, and in the the final scene where she physically appears, they look much the same, albeit not identical because we have somewhat different animators trying to portray a wolf who i sof course going to be somewhat different than the distant memory her son posses of her.

January 06, 2011
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Not active
Actually, I watched the 2nd first, because I only own the 2nd and 3rd. In the first one, I thought the white wolf in 1 was Aniu in 2, but some people see things differently. But you do have a point about balto being the same. But his colours and some things do change, but maybe it was the same or a more talented animator than the rest in WQ.

January 05, 2011
Italy Female Is not currently on the site
The points seems good, but i still have doubts. I've just read what Aniu Fan said, and i couldn't believe it! I've always thought the white wolf in the first movie it's not the female wolf we see in the second.
You said they look different because of the change of the animators. Well, so why Balto hasn't changed so much? Yes, there're some differences, but if you have in your mind the original movie's Balto, and you watch WQ for the first time you immediately recognise him, while i wouldn't be able to do it with Aniu.
To me it's not a matter of different animators, because they could have tried to keep the original character's design, as they did with the others (more or less).

Anyway, if the person interviewed said that, it must be right.:P

January 05, 2011
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Not active
Thanks for all the good comments! :)

January 04, 2011
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Co... Poland Female Is not currently on the site
Big Bad Mod
Good points. I also believe they're the same and all the design mistakes are because of the animation.
Nice point that Balto may have grown-up. We also don't have a compare with his and those wolves's size, so no one can say that Balto was smaller or the same size as them.

January 04, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Yes they are suppossed to be the same as the person Steet inteveiwed from wolfquest said they tried their best to make it seem that way but the reason they are different is not only because of the animators but the first movie, the makers of the first movie never intended to make a sequel or that this mysterious wolf some know as 'Kemo' to be Balto's mother it was probably ment that his wolf side was were he got his looks from as they didn't make a husky white in the film. As your first article this is amazing you make good points and it's just a great artice really. :)

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