Aleu dog and wolf inheritence

Aleu dog and wolf inheritence

Aleu is said to look more like a wolf than Balto. But is she really?

One famous remark about Aleu is that she looks more like a wolf than even Balto. However, she seems to get a lot of characteristics from both sides.


Aleu has the wide nose and rough, long muzzle of Balto, both wolfish characteristics.


Like a husky, however,, she has a high, rounded forhead. Her bule eyes are also a strict dog feature, from either Jenna's parents or Balto's grandparents(husky side). Wolves in Balto have a short, angular stop. Her ears are similar to Jenna's, but with Balto's furred inner ear.


The wolf characteristics are more apparent. She has the long legs, narrow chest and large paws of a wolf.


As we can see, she occasionally curls her tail over her back. Though she rarely does this, a wolf's tail does not have the range of movement to do this at all.


Aleu seems to have inherited a natural trust toward humans from her husky side. She was not suspicious to the hunter, until after he shot. though this obviously changed her view, wolves and high-content wolf dogs are naturally suspicious to those they do not know, at the very least they avoid people they haven't met. From her wolf side, she inherits a strong prey drive.

Though at first glance, Aleu appears to look very wolf, her dog side is more apparent than her fathers. However, she has found her place among the wolves.

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