Animation Source newsSeptember 17, 2022
** Animation Source is looking for a new owner! **


Hello Animation Source users,

Lately, the site has been the victim of several DDOS attacks and various SPAM issues.
All this highlights that unfortunately, I don't have the necessary time to manage this site properly anymore, and haven't been able to for years now.

So, it is time for me to let go and give the baby!
I am looking for someone who would be ready to take on the site, motivated to make it enter a new era!

This requires at least some basic knowledge of the followings:
- PHP programming
- MySQL database
- Web server admin knowledge (Linux/Ubuntu)

I will of course help [...]

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Animation Source newsAugust 09, 2022
Fourm bots and Site rules


Hello all
It was bought to my attention someone deleted the site rules by mistake on the forums when trying to deal with the bots some months ago

As most will know these bots are a problem , i've been dealing with them as best i can but due to a few reasons including hospitalization i have fallen behind on the sources i mod the forums for, we ask you do not click any link on the forums by people you don't trust , i have tried a word filter to try and stop anymore however this might mean no links at all for anyone , this is just for now , hopefully it works for now until something else [...]

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Animation Source newsJune 13, 2022
The Rainbow project


-frists posted on the french side and traslated for english side by nakou-

Hello to all the sourcians!

Image by Griffe


The holidays and summer are coming soon! And with them, the month of June were we celebrate every year our differences. Let's live of our passions and what we love, instead of letting ourselves being divided by the fear of the unknown. Our differences are beautiful and allow us to learn more every single day, so let's value them! You have well understood, the Rainbow project proposed today takes inspiration in Pride and love, joy, and [...]

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Animation Source newsMarch 25, 2022
Easter egg Hunt


News writen and Translated by nakou.

Hi Animation Sourcians !

Images by Griffe, thank you ! 
(In english it says 
who's gonna win the Easter Eggs?)


It's time to wake up the spirits . After a little while, and a life or two (but unlike Puss in Boots , we still have a few lifes left !), AS organize a new treasure hunt project  (Wooohooo !)  but attention ! This year, we have decided to combine the treasure hunt to a Special Guests project! Yes, just like Ladybug who makes amalgams , [...]

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Animation Source newsMay 24, 2020
A glitch
Hello all. Some of you may have been affected by a minor glitch with images/fanart, in which onc [...]
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Animation Source newsApril 04, 2020
Animation source easter egg hu...
Starting  5th of april 12am (GMT) there will be 12 easter eggs hidden round the animation sour [...]
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Animation Source newsDecember 22, 2019
Togo - The Untold True Story
On December 20th, Disney released a full length film dedicated Togo to their Disney Plus platfo [...]
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Animation Source newsDecember 04, 2019
Christmas News 2019!
Hello! Apologies for this being a little bit late - (meant to be posted December 1st). As we [...]
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Animation Source newsJuly 31, 2019
Spirit & Rain In Spirit: Ridin...
Just a quick announcement for the "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" fans! Spirit and Rain make [...]
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Animation Source newsMarch 02, 2019
Balto Celebrates 100 Years
BALTO CELEBRATES 100 YEARS While saying this may make this news article seem pointless, I wo [...]
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