Why do you all have to go?

I was soo alone before

and now the one chance

to get something I never had

and now they're all leaving.


Don't go!

I need you. your kittens are wonderful and

I feel that they are apart of me too.


I know we are different

no one knows that

more than me


But that doesn't change how I feel

for you or the kittens


Don't leave. I'll take care of you.

All of you I swear.



Duchess don't go. please I'll make you happy

and the kittens too.


But I see that you mind is made up.

I can't change that.

I'll never say how much it would hurt but

I'll let you go back



I know I'll have the alley cats

but what you gave me was so much more.


I'll never regreat walking down the river and crossing that bridge

or jumping off one to save Marie

or nearly geting hit by a truck for you 


I'll always remmember the angel with sapphire eyes

the way you spoke was like cool milk

a song to my ears

and how beautiful you look.

And you will raise your kittens to be great cats

one day.



I love you and I'll never forget you.













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April 08, 2013
Female Is not currently on the site
Great one!

July 30, 2011
Brazil Is not currently on the site
That's so beautiful...

June 03, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
Wonderful. ;D

June 01, 2011
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
i agree

June 01, 2011
Poland Is not currently on the site
Only one thing I can write : awsome!:/:

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