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The Aristocats characters

A dog that pestered Edgar, he passes time by chases anything on wheels. Out of the dog group, (Lafeyette and him) He is the leader, or "Higher Rank" than Lafeyette. And he leads the chases.

He attacks Edgar, while Edgar is trying to ditch Duchess and her kittens.

Edgar escapes them and they gain a new bed, (part of the motorcycle, and Napoleon takes his hat) Though Edgar steals it back.

Voice actor : Pat Buttram



A street wise Tom, who meets Duchess while he sings about himself.  (Aristocats, "Tomas O'Malley - 1970) He takes a big interest in Duchess, and offers her a "Magic Carpet". He is a little shocked to learn that she has kids, but he still keeps his promise of his "Magic Carpet". He and  Toulouse bond a little. He tricks a mail man, while Duchess and her kittens sit in the back. Marie, falls out the back of the truck, and he rushes forward to bring her back to Duchess. He also saves Marie another time when she falls into the water.

He shows Duchess and her kittens a good time, and he takes them back to his place, where they met the other cats.

Breed; Cat

Age; Adult

Parents; ?

Mate; Duchess

Voice actor : Phil Harris

A goose that was walking the country side to get their relative. Her sister, Amelia, is her twin.They try to "help" Tomas swim, when he is really trying to get to Shore, and almost cause him to drown. They are  quick to judge and they gossip. (See how they judged O'Malley so quickly when they found out the two cats weren't married)

How to tell her apart from her sister?

She wears a blue hat, unlike her  sister.

Known Family;
Sister: Amelia

Parents; Unknown!
Children; Unknown!
Uncle; Uncle Waldo

Voice Actor: Monica Evans

Voice actor : Monica Evans

A goose that was walking the country side to get their relative. Her sister, Amelia, is her twin.They try to "help" Tomas swim, when he is really trying to get to Shore, and almost cause him to drown. They are  quick to judge and they gossip. (See how they judged O'Malley so quickly when they found out the two cats weren't married)

How to tell her apart from her sister?

She wears a Pink hat, unlike her  sister.


Sister; Abigail

Uncle; Uncle Waldo

Voice actor : Carole Shelley

Uncle Waldo is related to Abigail, and Amelia. He was "Basted" in White wine before Duchess and everyone else met him. And this is all we see of him, however its hinted he's very lively at parties (and O'Malley seems to like him)
Uncle Waldo followed by Abigail and Amelia, down the streets, while yelling loudly. (Abigail and her sister trying to hush Waldo before he wakes people up)


Abigail   and Amelia

Voice actor : Bill Thompson

Name : Duchess

Breed: Cat

Gender: Female

Owner; Madame Adelaide Bonfamille  

Kittens;  Toulouse , Berlioz , Marie .

Mate; Tomas O' Malley

About Duchess; A fancy cat, she lives in style, while she is a good mother. She teaches her children on how to be "Aristocats" (Aristocrats parody if you don't get the name) when Edgar, the butler of Madame, learns that he won't be getting any money until the cats are gone or no longer living, he kidnaps them and dumps Duchess and her kittens somewhere away from their home.

To get back to their home, Duchess seeks the help of Tomas O' Malley, and soon the two fall in love.
Duchess learns things far from the live of the Aristocats, and learns Jazzy moves,

Voice Actor : Eva Gabor

Voice actor : Eva Gabor

Name: Berlioz

Age: Kitten [X] Teen [] Adult [] Old

Siblings; Marie, Toulouse .

Mother; Duchess

"Step"-Fathrer; Tomas O' Malley

He is shown to ride Frou-Frou, the horse, and is reminded to be polite. He is not like his brother, Toulouse, (who wishes to be a tough alley cat)

He soon  comes to love Tomas like a father.

Voice actor : Dean Clark

Breed; Horse

Gender; Female

Age: Adult

She has little part in the movie, but you first see her with one of Duchess's kittens on her head.

Voice actor : Nancy Kulp

Name; Edgar

Breed; human

Age ; Baby [] Child [] Adult [X] Old

Edgar is the main villian for the film, when he learns that Madame is giving money to her cats before him, he plans to kidnap Duchess and her kittens so he can gain the money for himself. When Duchess and her kittens come back, he plans to rid of them for good.

He puts sleeping pills in their soup, and hauls them to their bed basket, and ditches them.

 He runs into trouble by the two dogs, Lafayette  and Napoleon, who after fleeing from them, leaves evidence that he was there, panicked, Edgar goes to get it back.


Edgar atempts to ship Duchess and her kittens off, but with the Help of O'Malley and many others, he is stopped.

Voice actor : Roddy Maude-Roxby

Breed; Human

Gender; Male

Name; georges

Age; Old

He likes to act young, dancing, going up the stairs, cracking jokes, but he is also a laywer. He helps Madame with her will.

He had to have help from Edgar going up the stairs, since he didn't want to use the elavator, saying it was "For old people!"

Voice actor : Charles Lane

Name; Madame Adelaide

She has no living relatives

Pets; Duchess and her kittens.

Gender; Female

She is a former opera singer, and now at her old age, she makes a will for her cats to be well kept for when she dies. It is hinted, when she was young, she was very lively. She might of sued people alot. (As hitned by Georges)

She loves Duchess and her kittens very much, and is very worried after they disappear.
When Duchess and her kittens are found, she accepts Tomas into the family, and gives them a good home.

Voice actor : Hermione Baddeley

A dog that chased Edgar and pesterd him. He is a "lower" rank than his friend, Napoleon, who leads them in chasing Cars. They chase any thing that comes near them.

They chase Edgar, and in the chase, end up with his hat. While they are sleeping, Edgar takes back what was his.

Voice actor : George Lindsey

Name; Toulouse

Gender; Male

Breed; Cat

Age; Kitten

Toulouse is the kitten of Duchess, and wants to be a tough cat. Like Tomas. He paints, you see him painting "Edgar" in the beginning of the movie, while his siblings, Marie and Berlioz play and sing with the panio.He looks alot like Tomas, and he bonds well with him. He wears a blue tie.

Voice actor : Gary Dubin

Name; Marie

Age; Kitten

Breed; Cat

She looks alot like Duchess, and is a romantic. (She found Tomas and Duchess's relationship romantic)  She sings while her two brothers paint and play panio.She wears two pink bows on her. (One on her  "bangs" and one on her neck") She is being taught to be a lady, but uses it to her advatange. ("Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them!")
She nearly dies during the film, when they were avoiding the train, she falls into the water. But O'Malley saves her.

Voice actor : Liz English

A rat that lives with Duchess and her kittens. He asks in the movie if he can have some of Edgar's soup, and he feels the effect of the sleeping posion. He also rounds up the alley cats to save Duchess and her kittens.

Voice actor : Sterling Holloway

A jazzy singer horn playing cat. And O' Malley's friend.

He sings "Everybody wants to be a cat" .

Not much about him other than gender, age, and hobby is known.

Voice actor : Scatman Crothers

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