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When I was a kid, I watched all kinds of animated movies and usually my favorite ones were ones about animals; for this movie, I make an exception.

Anastasia is a very well-written movie with a stellar plot, characters, music and visuals all combined to create a fun, charming movie that's enjoyable every time it's watched.

The movie remains interesting from start to finish and does not over-due its use of comical relief or CGI, which many movies tend to do.  Every one of the characters are important in their own right and are given perfect lengths of show-time.  The main characters, Anastasia and Dimitri, grow as individuals in a very real way, making them easily relatable to real people.

To pinpoint Anastasia, herself, she is much more than a young woman whining about how unfair her life is or whatever else older teenagers/young adults stereotypically complain about.  She's very much like a real woman, finding herself through wit, logic and her headstrong personality.  She's a wonderful role model for any young individual who watches the film; teaching others to find their dreams, and realize what really makes them happy. 

One of the most amazing things about this movie is the soundtrack.  I almost find it hard to believe that the songs from the movie exist--they're just spectacular!  They work with the story very well (and don't think this is always the case, not all musicals/movies fit their songs and vice versa), and the score literally gives me goosebumps.


All in all, it's a fantastic movie & it definitely deserves more popularity than it's given.

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May 30, 2012
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Small but Determined
Agreed, a wonderful review indeed!

June 03, 2011
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Anastasia Admin
What a wonderful review!

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