Official Anastasia characters

Anastasia characters

 Young orphan Anastasia was nammed Anya when she found herself in the orphange, she has no memory  of her identity, but does not hesitate to run away in search of answer. Having a sturdy character, she knows what she wants and does not arrive at supporter Dimitri who turns her away, claiming she was " like a vulture ". She isstill ready for everything to manage to discover which is (her) family; even to imagine to be the princess to go to Paris. However in everything, so as to play the comedy and to serve as marionette.

Voice actor : Meg Ryan

Baba Yaga is the witch who lives in the iron forest. Numerous rumours roam about her. The Russian people tell others that this woman is cruel, kidnaps children and leaves behind her fangs of metal, what reveals its passage. But in reality, she sagit of a sensitive and very human woman. She is nevertheless of the kind, distant and little tactile with the others.

She is based on old Russian stories.

Voice actor : Andrea Martin

Companion Tuberculoff, is an old embittered woman who manages the orphanage in which Anya lived at. She can't stand Anya, can it be jealousy? In any case, she finds Anya a job in the poissonerie and sendsher to it as quickly as possible. She heavily protests of the gratitude between Anastasia and reminds her that the real life is not a fairy tale. 

Skillful swindler, he sets up auditions to find the perfect double of Anastasia and pick up the ransom which will take him to theEmpress of Russia, and claim a reward. However, his dishonesty will turn around against him when he  falls in love with Anastasia and will discover that it is really it, the princess... Convinced of the identity of Anya, he will not hesitate to implement everything, propped up, so that the Empress speaks to him, and will refuse even the reward.

Voice actor : John Cusack

Ludmilla is the one who raises Prince Yvan. Her main goal is to take the power and of manipluler the prince as her as she wants and have control over the people of Russia.She is the kind of person who is terrible, nasty.  She will not hesitate to make others sad or miserable 

Voice actor : Catherine O'Hara

Bartok described her as a "pink pineapple with little spherical bell " but her nature is still unknown. Maybe she is a kind of snake on which Baba Yaga would have tried to create a monster snake. Who knows the truth? Nobody, in any case, knows much about Piloff.

She is a little crazy and not too bright. The pink creature cannot refrain from making laugh all the time.  

Voice actor : Jennifer Tilly

Puka is the "sign" which Anya demands from the first minutes of the movie. Indeed, this pup much more than her pet, this puppy will accompany her and will guide her throughout the story. It is thanks to him that she will meet Dimitri and Vlad, and thanks to him that Dimitri will save her from drowning. In brief, Puka is a key character who, having said that, makes everything to avoid kisses final!

The villian of this story. He is completely  blinded by his hatred to the family royal and their jètera a curse for which he  sells his soul to the devil. Completely crazy and ready for everything, he will do everything he can to reach his purposes and kill Anastasia, even if he has to do it with his own hands... 

Voice actor : Christopher Lloyd

Skull is the crane which separates the outside of the property of Baba Yaga of the inside.Its terrible appearance and wit challenges the curious to come to closer to the witch, nevertheless the pleasant character although that its voice tells you different.. It puts enigmae on those who answer its question correctly.

Voice actor : Tim Curry

Half cousin of the Empress,she is the seductive woman who fancies Vlad. A little bit crazy and eccentric, she helps however, at most Anya but, has too much respect towards the Empress to go against her  orders. It is her,  which meets the women claiming to be the Big Duchess, and she questions them before taking them to meet the Empress of Russia, what makes of her an important character.

Voice actor : Bernadette Peters

She is a nobel older woman,the empress of Russia.She hides her suffering inside and tries to find  Anastasia during - we suppose it several long years his girl Anastasia. Eventually, she loses hope when she eventually finds finally the one with whom she shared the secret of her  musical box. We also discover her) profound wisdom repeatedly in the movie. Her only living family is Anastasia and Sophie.

Voice actor : Angela Lansbury

Czar Nicholas Romanov is the father of Anastasia. He appears only little in the movie, given that he is killed during the Russian Revolution, but his daughter sees again  twice: during her arrival to the palace, and during its dream. We can thus conclude that from it he is an important character in spite of he left very early.

He seems to be a just character, who distrusts Rasputin whom he judges as a traitor, and a liking father. Regrettably, his lack of presence in the movie does not allow to develop more its character.

Kind and sincere, he is crazy lover of Sophie and has the joy of living. He likes Puka and quickly collects the feelings that dedicate themselves his two accomplices. As a Good councillor, he restores confidence to Anastasia and tries to dissuade Dimitri to make certain stupidities... He is the good ideal friend.

Voice actor : Kelsey Grammar

Yvan is the Prince of Russia. He has the name of Romanov, many will suppose that he is the son of Dimitri and Anastasia, however, there is no real proof.. He is young and does not still realize what his social status truley means. He appreciates the company Bartok gives him,  and loves his people.

Voice actor : Philip Von Dyke

Zozi is a bear who took actor's training course. He likes to disguise himself for any occasion that appears to embody a new character and he plays them with perfection. He is the best friend of Bartok and it is always there to support him and encourage him. He likes quoting parts of théatre, to show his culture, even in the desperate situations, and likes resolving the enigmae.

Voice actor : Kelsey Grammer

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