Animation Source newsJanuary 01, 2018
Interview with Tangled BG artist Fiona Hsieh


HAPPY NEW YEARS!'Tangled: The Series' background by Fiona Hsieh.[Fiona Hsieh, Disney]

We are pleased to release the newest Animation Source interview with Fiona Hsieh, a young and talented background artist who worked on Tangled: The Series. Organized and conducted by Nakou, you can check out the interview here on Tangled Source.

Click here to read the interview!



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Animation Source newsDecember 03, 2017
Balto Source gets a new theme!




It's not a new default theme (although it could be if people want it to be, and if Steet approved of it), but it's a new theme for you to use and enjoy!   I was orginally going to create a Christmas theme for Balto Source, but I ended up going with a Balto II theme instead. :P 



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Animation Source newsAugust 27, 2017
Animation Source Discord Server!


Greetings everyone! Draco here with a fun little announcement!

There is now a server on Discord for AS that you all may join at any time to chat with other members. Think of it as an off-site chatroom where you can also share and talk about art and animated movies. A thank you to blazetail and meemee for setting it up for us! 

Now, though some of you may be wondering: "What is Discord?"

Discord is a free text, voice and video app, similar to Skype, originally made for gaming and streaming, but many also use it as a messenger chatroom service. It is cross-platform, meaning it is [...]

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Animation Source newsJuly 22, 2017


The Fox and the Hound isn’t exactly the most fondly remembered film according to Disney, which explains the lack of proper behind-the-scenes documentary. Luckily though, a devoted fan by the name of Adam Zanzie emailed us his insightful video essay on the 1981 animated feature, which we are pleased to feature on the site (embedded below).

Zanzie was originally going to make this a feature-length documentary, but a expensive rights price prevented this. Nevertheless, this 15-minute video details the film’s intense and troubled production cycle, based on conversations he [...]

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Animation Source newsJuly 17, 2017
D23 Expo 2017 roundup
[Disney] Greetings, fellow Disney fans! It was that time once again for the grand D23 Expo,&nbs [...]
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Animation Source newsJuly 15, 2017
The Art of My Little Pony: The...
HELLO BRONIES AND PEGASISTERS! [Hasbro / VIZ Media LLC] With My Little Pony: The Movie comin [...]
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Animation Source newsJuly 13, 2017
Nostalgia Critic - Cats Don't ...
This year he reviewed Balto, and now this? It seems like Channel Awesome’s Nostalgia Critic ( [...]
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Animation Source newsJuly 06, 2017
Beauty and the Beast Source is...
BONJOUR, ANIMATION SOURCE! We welcome you to Be Our Guest in our newest addition to the Eng [...]
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Animation Source newsJuly 05, 2017
Despicable Me 3 - Good or Bad?
Universal/Illumination’s Despicable Me franchise is still going strong. After two highly-succ [...]
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Animation Source newsJune 29, 2017
My Little Pony: The Movie - Of...
HELLO EVERYPONY! [Lionsgate] Here on Animation Source and My Little Pony Source, we are [...]
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