Charlie in David's Mustang

Charlie in David's Mustang

Charlie sits in a seat inside Ford Mustang when he listens to his pal David about the time when he and his guardian Drake who is Charlie's youngest son, were been having a good time at the Yellowstone with friends of David's to go see the adoption wolves at the camping from four years ago in 1975. But then at closer to the end, David tells Charlie that his guardian including him were in danger by an unknown threat after them both saved one of the adoption wolves at the woods.

(GrayZeppelin's Note: This is my own drawing where my plot "Heaven & Hell" from FanFiction takes place where David drives on his Mustang with Charlie, Bess, Itchy and Sasha to travel on a road to head Las Vegas with his friends from San Francisco when the town was demolished by a terrible treat from Hell.)

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