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Nakou, March 07, 2013 13: 23
Un magnifique nouveau design respectueux de l'ancien tout en étant bien plus "frais", bravo à hecate!

Brad, July 24, 2012 07: 13
Awesome website. I loved the movie great to see there is a source for it now!

maddie, June 29, 2012 04: 15
i love this website me and my friend have been looking for a website like this

Evgeniy, February 29, 2012 21: 59
Very beautiful site. Making is very good. I am delighted. I wish you all the best :)

Joliet Bandit, January 29, 2012 04: 30
Greetings, I just ran across this site and after looking thru the various pages, I have been given one HUGE memory jolt. I'm glad I found this :)

Makar, November 26, 2011 11: 10
Hello! You have a very informative site! And here's my. pzwf è’»

, April 04, 2011 17: 43
Très bon site. Je ne sais pas quoi dire à part: il va bien avec le film!

Raven, March 16, 2011 22: 34
Hello :) This is a very interesting site! I have seen both ADGTH and ADGTH 2. I like them noth pretty much the same. And I never knew that ADGTH isn't/wasn't that popular! I thought everyone knew about it. ~Raven

SJbarbosa02890, January 03, 2011 22: 04
I love how all the bad things in this movie and all the bad themes flew right over my head when I was little! I still LOVE this movie though!

alex.kodi, October 17, 2010 14: 15
Ce site est tout sauf mauvais!C'est du bon boulot pour un paradis de chien!^^

big bolto fan, August 18, 2010 17: 45
the german shepherd is the most intellegent dog even beating border collies

big bolto fan, August 18, 2010 15: 43
all dogs go to heaven is my 2nd favorite movie after beethoven

Ollyrotten, July 07, 2010 14: 23
just watched the films again, great site btw.

Leaf, May 23, 2010 00: 09
hi i'm the new one ^^

Baltofan, May 19, 2010 19: 08
Hi! I don't know All dogs go to heaven, but I think it's good. I know this page from Baltosource. I just want to look, but this oage is so great!! I can't only look!!!

Toast, February 25, 2010 15: 13
It's a good movie. And yesh, good luck with the site ^^

moop, February 24, 2010 18: 48
super film! je suis content de trouver ce site, quoi que quelque peu fantome... bref,bravo à ses créateurs

BaltoJunior, February 03, 2010 15: 38
je signe donc,j'aime beaucoup ce film et le site est assez bien fait,juste,je trouve que la bannière est un peu flou, je ne sais pas si tu pourrais ça. Mais je t'encourage pour si tu décide d'en créer d'autres. Bravo!!!!

AJ, February 02, 2010 22: 39
Great website and ADGTH is my favorite movie of all time and has a great tv series also

welp, January 06, 2010 11: 54
nice site,nice movie,but it's hard to keep things clean on sites like these nowadays


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