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A German Shepard Collie mix breed with money making, scheming and revengeful attitude and Ex-Owner of the Rat Race. Nothing else comes to mind but to ruining Carface on his return. Always planning to wipe out other businesses and develop his business. Especially use and take advantage of people for that purpose.

Although deep inside Charlie has a soft-side but it isn’t brought out without the help of his best friend Itchy. Although he doesn’t appear like it, he would eventually do the right thing in the end.


Voice actor : Burt Reynolds (ADGTH) Charlie Sheen (ADGTH 2) and Steve Weber (The Series and AADCC)

Itchy Itchford 

Can be considered the conscience of Charlie which he, as you will figure, lacks. He is a Dachshund wearing his dark red/ red cap and green t shirt with dark brown fur. Dachshund as he is usually has a hard time keeping up with Charlie’s fast pace.

Some how he gets wrapped up into Charlie’s mischief and schemes, which ends up himself and even Charlie hurt. Itchy in many cases turns down Charlie’s Schemes and tries to stop him but in other cases once fed up leaves Charlie to deal with it himself but comes back to save him when he needs it.


Voice actor : Dom Deluise

 Sasha is introduced in All Dogs Go To Heaven 2. She is an Irish Setter with a kind heart, thinking more about others then possibly herself. David is under her care when she finds him lost and provides him food and shelter, but that doesn't make her a push over.. (trust me you won't have a head if you did) She will definitely push you aside and wouldn't ever stoop to begging for anything. She will even in many cases knock Charlie around if he make his move too often or too drastic. Like a throw into a trash can. She is however those type dreaming to find a "Perfect Dog"

Voice actor : Sheena Easton

 David is also introduced in All Dog Go To Heaven 2. He is a child who is only 8 years old " 56 According to Charlie in dog years" who lost his real mother. Now has a step mother and is disappointed about it and flees home. Now living under the care of Sasha, has an interest in Magic and earning money from Cannery Square. A tourist attraction spot where people perform. Now was determined to work there for a living and Charlie on his side as his Guardian Angel. Although as you can see plans don't go as they at first seem.

Voice actor : Adam Wylie

 Anne Marie is A little girl at a very young age, orphaned and at first held captive and taken advantage of by Carface. She is rescued by Charlie and Itchy in a false promise to her that he will find her a Family. Unaware of Charlie’s trick innocently plays along with all schemes that Charlie makes up. In the end how ever it’s understood Charlie’s true care and feelings for the girl saving her on the cost of his own.

Voice actor : Judith Barsi

 Killer first introduced in All Dogs Go To Heaven. A side kick of Carface in charge of doing all the dirty work and tasks that Carface hands to him. Usually is hit and bashed around by Carface when he makes a mistake.. even almost killed. Although even though he is a Yes man of Carface, he does think on his own and will help others if it requires him as it's shown in the Series.

Voice actor : Charles Nelson Reilly

 Introduced in the All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series. Belladona is a purple canine working for the devil and is Annabelle's evil cousin. Bent on reeking havoc and destruction. She although has an eye for Charlie. Trying to steal him from Annabelle and make him work for her on the evil side instead of good. Usually she purposely taunts Charlie by calling him Chuckie in the series and already has Carface and Killer both working under her orders. 

Voice actor : Bebe Neuwirth

 Annabelle is first seen in All Dogs Go To Heaven. She is a pink Whippet Angel ranked in a high post in Heaven and is in charge of problems occuring there and on Earth. Kind, helpful, caring and loving as she is, but gullible enough to fall for Charlie's devious plots. Although in many cases she gets her payback in the "Series." As Charlie's plans of ignoring her tasks or orders backfire on his face.

Voice actor : Melba Moore (ADGTH) Bebe Neuwirth (All the rest)

 Carface the main Evil Character in All Dogs Go To Heaven but only an Accomplice in the ADGTH 2 and "The Series." He is a bull dog with the main motive of gaining money and he will stoop down to whatever level to get it. Whether being an accomplice to a Red a Cat or being treated poorly by Belladonna. However like Charlie even Carface has a good side and as shown in the An All Dogs Christmas Carol had a rough and poor childhood leading to his criminal behaviour. Although you can see the overall change in the rest of the movie.

Voice actor : Vic Tayback (ADGTH) Ernest Borgnine (All the rest)

Flo is a Collie and one of Charlie’s best friends. She is a care taker of pups that live with her in an abandoned house, Also she knows much more about a human then Charlie does especially since she realizes that Anne Marie had fallen sick.  

Voice actor : Loni Anderson

Red introduced in All Dogs Go To Heaven 2. He is the main Evil Character in the story and in this form he is mainly just in disguise. He mainly used it to lure Charlie and Itchy to take the collars, as Itchy himself is uneasy about cats, and even asks that if there we're any cats around in an annoyed manner. He hates dogs otherwise.

Voice actor : George Hearn

Red introduced in All Dogs Go To Heaven 2. He is the main Evil Character in the story and this form is his true Form. Carface is his accomplice He is able to become large in size when required and is mainly determined to steal and gain the horn from Charlie. Although he is just a minion to the Real Devil or Satan as you will find out later on in the movie.  

Voice actor : George Hearn

Bess is brought in All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series. She’s a pure bred award winning show dog with the interest in keeping fit and almost always seen jogging or exercising. Although she’s lived a wealthy and glamorous life, she preferred keeping it all simple. In the Series she is Itchy’s love interest and you can see through out the series how she helps in building up his confidence and self-esteem.

Voice actor : April Winchell

 King Gator is in All Dogs Go To Heaven. He's a Gator with an interest in music and songs and hates damaging any thing of that caliber. Even though he plays a minor role in the movie he plays an important role in the end. Especially since.... You got to watch the movie to find out.

Voice actor : Ken Page

 Timmy is one of the main Characteres in An All Dogs Christmas Carol. Timmy is a poor, gentle, sweet, loving puppy who is in poor and fatal health, enjoying the Christmas festivities. While in the meanwhile the Gang  (Charlie Sasha Itchy and the rest) are raising money for the poor pup to afford an operation, as without it this might be his very last Christmas.

Voice actor : Taylor Emerson

 Is known as Charlies Father in All Dogs Go To Heaven. Although its just a mention of him in Annabelle book and trace of his real personality and presence on Earth is unknown. Although Charlie was unhappy living with his family as understood later and ran away never seeing them again

Is known as Charlies Mother in All Dogs Go To Heaven. Although its just a mention of her as well Annabelle book its the same case with her as the trace of her real personality and presence on Earth is unknown. Although Charlie was unhappy living with his family as understood later and ran away never seeing them again

This character is from ADGTH series, she first appeared in the episode Bess and Itchys school reunion where Tiffany is the most popular dog in the school and wants to maintain that position throughout the evening, she seems to take a liking in Itchy, and pulls many pranks on him in return for Charlie's pranks to try to make a fool of her in front of her old class mates and boyfriend Jeremy. She is mean to Bess and was the whole way through the episode.

 But near the ending Tiffany realizes how selfish and big headed she has been and apologized to Itchy and Bess.

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