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when ed and eduardo meets itchy and charlie :

this is how they meet
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when all dogs go to heaven meets oliver and compan :

when adgth meet company
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one day in san francao charlie and itchy was just seting then annabelle pop out and say
charlies said annabelle
yea said charlie
i got a missin for you said annabelle
ok tell me said charlie 
your go to like this one said annabelle there`s a angel up here and he needs to have fun
charlie smiles and say well where is he
he`s comeing thowe the doors said annabelle the she vanish
as charlie and itchy look at the door a blue whappit came in and walk up to charlie and itchy and say are you charlie and itchy the whappit says 
yea said charlie and itchy 
who are you said itchy
my name is ed and you are itchy and you are charlie richt said ed
thats right said itchy 
ok now lets have fun said ed
i think im going to like this missin itch said charlie
as the three dogs go have fun and other whappit want to belladonna`s HQ
what the f(beep) said belladonna who are you
my name is eduardo you must be belladonna 
yah thats me who sand you here said belladonna
red sand me here he saided you need help said eduardo
ok said belladonna so how bad are you
well red sayed im like you said eduardo
really now,lets see said belladonna as she pull a lever and a dummy come out.kill this dummy said belladonna as eduardo take out his dobble hiddenblade he cut the dummy in helf and he`s head belladonna smiles your perfect 
ok that was so fucking fun said ed
yah said charlie
as they walk back to the flea bite
so whats next said ed 
then sasha walk in and say hey who`s your new frend said sasha
this is ed said charlie
nice to meet you ed said sasha 
nice to meet you to said ed as they both shake hands
well now we need bess to come and meet ed said itchy
who`s bess said ed
oh she`s my girlfrend said itchy
you have a girlfrend said ed
yah said itchy
do you have a girlfrend charlie said ed
yah its sasha said charlie do you have one ed
yah said ed
who is it said charlie
well its annabelle said ed
thats cool said charlie and itchy
then bess comes in just in time
hi everboddy said bess 
bess i want you to meet ed said itchy
hello ed said bess
hi bess said ed
as they both shakehands
well everyboddy knows everyboddy
yah(nerves talk) said ed
bess is helping sasha at the flea bite. it was time to close as bess locked the door and sit 
wow thats what you do all day said bess
yah lots of work ah said sasha
yah said bess
then sasha & bess have a waird feeling inside
why im i in a heat said bess & sasha at the sometime
then annabelle pop out and say
you to,im in a heat to said annabelle
wow you know what that  means then said sasha
yah said bess & annabelle
lets do it toneight said sasha
as they wright a letter to you boyfrends
ed,itchy and charlie want to the ampartment 
so this is your home said ed
yah said itchy 
i think i going next door said ed
why said charlie
becuse im going to live there said ed
well is annabelle going to get mad said itchy
no i ask her said ed 
as ed use he`s magic to put he`s ps3 and a big screen tv(sony 3D tv)and bed,couch and more
belladonna is showing eduardo room
this is your room said belladonna
nice but it missing something said eduardo 
as he use he`s magic to put a ps3 and big screen tv(sony 3D tv something as ed but not the couch) thats better said eduardo
well i hope youll like the place said belladonna
yah i like it said eduardo
as belladonna close the door she feel waird
i think im in love and in a heat said belladonna
as edaurdo start playing black ops when he saw he`s cuzin ID online he put he`s headphone and camera he and he`s cuzin was in a privit chat
hey said eduardo
hey said he`s cuzin
ed was online on he`s ps3 talking to his cuzin
well lets play nazi zombies, ill invit you said ed 
ok said he`s cuzin
sasha,bess and annabelle done with the latters
ok we all done said bess
then belladonna comes in
its belladonna!!! said sasha
dont worry i come in peace said belladonna
what do you want said annabelle
well i got to tell you something said belladonna
ok said bess said belladonna and im love
bess,sasha and annabelle are in shocked
well...who are you in love with said annabelle
this dog name eduardo( in a in love voice) said belladonna
well all four of us are in a heat said bess
well ed where dead at level 15 said eduardo
yah but good kills right said ed 
just then both dogs got a letter 
hey ed i got a letter said eduardo
me to said ed 
as they read the latter
its says go to the park said ed 
its here to ill meet you there said eduardo
as they both trune off there ps3 and go 
at the park
hey ed said eduardo
hey eduardo said eduardo 
annabelle and belladonna came out 
edaurdo!! said belladonna
ed!! said annabelle
what said ed and eduardo at the sometime
why are you with him said belladonna
why are you with him to said annabelle
ok i know its seems crazy but where kinda fight eachother sometimes said ed
and i know i work for belladonna and he work for annabelle but we both like one then said eduardo
yah what is that said belladonna
we both like to play black ops said ed
f(beep) yah said eduardo
yah said ed
fine said annabelle ok we get to tell you something
as annabelle and belladonna take a brathe and say at the sametime
were in a heat said annabelle & belladonna at the sometime
ed & eduardo where shocked  
well what do  you two big boys say(in a sexy talk) said annabelle & belladonna
as the two girl dog takes ed and eduardo hand
see yah ed said eduardo
see you soon said ed
then belladonna & eduardo went to belladonna`s bed and ed & annabelle want to annabelle`s bed and the four are makeing love 
charlie is laying down on the couch and itchy at the bed then they hear a knock
come in said itchy
it was bess and sasha,as they walk in sasha want to charlie and start kissing him and bess want to itchy and start to kissing him and sasha and bess say to them
were in a heat said bess and sasha at the some time
the two cupell start makeing love to
the next mornning
they stop makeing love at 12:00 and woke up at 11:00 and say
that was great said charlie
you can say that again said itchy
so do you like that itchy said bess
yah i do alot said itchy
do you like it to charlie said sasha
yap said charlie
that was so good said annabelle
yah that was sadi ed
did you like that said belladonna
yap alot said eduardo
as sasha,bess,annabelle and belladonna want to the flea bite at the sometime
hey said sasha
hi said bess 
hi said annabelle
hey said belladonna
well how was it last night said annabelle
it was so fun said bess
it was so good said sasha
it was great said belladonna
mine was the bast said annabelle
then they all have there hands are holding there head while there`s a hart on top 
ed got online and invit eduardo in the chat room
hey said ed
hey said eduardo
so how was it said ed
it was good said edaurdo and you
it was great said ed
then itchy and charlie came in
ed who are you talking to said charlie
with my cuzin said ed
i didnt know you have a cuzin said itchy
well i do said ed
can we talk to him said itchy
um sure said ed come here and meet my cuzin
who is it said eduardo
its my new frends said ed
as itchy and charlie walk to see ed cuzin
hey said itchy my name is itchy
hey said charlie my name is charlie
hi my name is eduardo
hey you two look a like said itchy
yah but where not the some coler said ed and by the way itchy he evil and im good
oh really said charlie
yah said ed
hey cuz ill meet you at the flea bite ok said ed
see you there said eduardo
as ed,itchy,charlie and eduardo want to the flea bite. at the frount door
lets go in said charlie
as they walk in they saw sasha,bess,annabelle and belladonna
oh shit said ed
the girls are here said itchy
f(beep) lets go but quitly said charlie
as they walk one step eduardo step on a chip the girls saw them and say
hey over here! said sasha
dam it! said edaurdo
as the guys set next to the girls 
so did you boys like what we done last night said annabelle
yah(in a nervas talk) said ed
good said bess as bess leand on itchy and robb his belly
some thing to ed,edaurd, and charlie. by the look of the guys face`s they are starting to love it
few mouth later
annabelle lives with ed now,bess and sasha lives with charlie and itchy and edaurdo lives with belladonna. 
next story is when everbody but not eduardo and belladonna goes to new york to see ed old frends 
next story is call: when all dogs go to heaven meets ovlier and company

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