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This is just a list of the main, old and new characters in my version of All Dogs Go To Heaven 3. I mostly writing this to at the least have my foot in the door here at ADGTH Source so people can at least notice my profile for upcoming stories, but yeah, Enjoy!
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I am sooo happy there is now an ADGTH Source. This is, in my opinion, the best thing Steet has done since Balto Source. But anyways here I am with my ADGTH fan fics. I WAS writing them on Balto Source before this site came along. So Now I'm just copying and pasteing them to here. So yeah. I have 5 ADGTH fan fics I'm working on right now. Enjoy!

Here is the link to my Balto Source gallery:

This is just something for ALL of my stories, all of them will be off the Charlie Sheen Charlie Barkin, I HATED the Steven Weber Charlie and Burt Reynolds was good to, but I enjoyed Charlie Sheen better. Just saying that right now.

ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN 3: ROCK NATION: This first takes place in 2006 in the Vatican City in Rome, Italy. Charlie, Itchy and Sasha are on an important mission. If they succeed, they will hae their lives restored back to a year old. (rememeber Charlie was given 20 years on earth). 2 years later in 2008 back in San Francisco, the 3 are now back to physically 3 years old just like they were in ADGTH 2, and now have a new mission. A young teenage, but EXTREMLY talented rock band have been offered a contract. But the problem is they have be in New York City in a month, or the contract is denied. And another problem is that the F.B.I has also been searching for the teenagers because they ran away from their foster home in Los Angelas a few years ago. And the city of San Francisco love the band so much, they always hide their existance when ever they do look for them. Will Charlie, Sasha, and Itchy get the band to New York before the month is up, and get away from the authorities as well? Just wait and see...

THE RUFUGEES: This is kind of a prequil to my real story that I hope to make into a book called "Element". On December 21, 2012, what used to be a peaceful religion called Alistanity had attacked and conqured the city of Los Angelas with an army in the millions and named it as their new capital. But that's not it, now the Alistanians want world domination. They then attack San Diego and San Francisco at the same time. Charlie and Itchy tried to help as many people as posible before the Alistanians attack San Francisco. Now they are trapped when they do attack. And they have to escape the ruined city and go north to Montana to a refugee camp. At the same time, the Alistanians are moving north as well, what will happen? Wait and see...

(WARNING: This story, The Refugees, will include deatiled descriptions of modern day warfare. If you don't like war, or don't like the thought of a WWIII, or is scared (I know I am) that extreme conflict is in America, or even on Earth, this story is not for you...)

ARMAGEDDON CHRONICLES: I dont know how long this will be, but this will be a series of short stories set from right after "The Refugees" all the way to the end of the war in 2019. This will be just key moments in Charlie Barkin's life during this time period. I'm not sure how many of these there will be, but more than five I'm guessing. But yeah, just random moments that lead up to the end of the war.

THE ASSASSIN WITHIN: Lately I have become agian quite a fan of the video game Assassin Creed. Mainly because the sequel (which is amazing) came out in December. but anyways, this is a crossover between ADGTH and Assassin's Creed. This story takes after my ADGTH 3: Rock Nation. It' the end of a busy day for Sasha at her cafe, and Charlie is waiting for her to close up. They are finally back together and are going on a date as soon as Sasha finishes closing up. But suddenly 2 canine F.B.I agents stop them and bring them to Washington DC for a experament that only Sasha can use. For those who have played Assassin's Creed, or at least know the plot, you may know what is happening. It turns out Sasha is an Assassin by blood. And they are going to put her in a machine called the "Animus". Human scientists have found a way to look at memories to ancestors in the past. They are going to use it on Sasha on one of her Assassin ancestors, Margaux Florette La Fluer de Paris. Sasha's female ansestor of 1660s Paris, France. And from there, your going to have to wait an see...

THE ASSASSIN WITHIN II: A new Assassin has been reborn within our modern day. Thanks to the Animus, Sasha has obatained Margoux's skills. Now she will put them to the test. Just wait and see...


STAFFENBURG: In the story the Refugees, Charlie teams up with a group of people in Heaven for a rescue mission. One of them was a former Nazi Colonel named Gustav Staffenburg. This is about him in Heaven wanting to return to Earth to do Guardian Angel business in Poland to redeem himself for his first life. but before he can go, he must be taught what's right, instead of his life teachings as a Nazi. So he tells the story of his origonal life to his guide, Sparticus Aias (Captain of the Royal Heavenly Guard) from birth in 1938, to his death at Germany's last stand at the battle of Berlin...

WARTIME SURVIVOR: In the year 2017, Russia has gone into a civil war that quickly spread into conflict between the Communists and the Capitalists of Russia. Soon enough most of the major nations such as the Unitied States, the UK, Germany, China, etc. reacted quickly. Soon enough all of Russia was a just one giant battle ground. America even has it's problems with their new President. It's only been his first year and his approval rating is already at 21%. He is already being renowed as the worst President in history. American economy is now lower than the 30s, and riots and rampages are everywhere through out Washington DC, and protests are throughout the entire countries. Even in New York City at the United Nations, there are tearing it's self apart, until finally the ambasadors fought so much that eventually they burned down then UN building! The world is in caos! America is on strike, Russia is a war with it's self, and with no UN help! In up-state New York in America 2 life long best friends, a fox named Jack Tyler, and a labador named Jesse join the Dogs of War and become partners ad set off to the war zone of Russia. Them and their new DOW (Dogs of War) team are very succsessful in combat, but one time as they got surrounded one 3 sides and the forth side was a 50ft ridge, Jack fell behind by accident and was left behind as his chopper left without him. He jumped off the ridge and ran into the wilderness. Little does he know that he will fall in love with a female fox. At the same time, Jesse back at camp in St. Petersburg knows Jack's not dead. So he has to go out looking for him. And the rest is for ou to figure out...

Any qustions, please don't be afraid to ask any questions. I'm always happy to answer them ^^.

Peace~ Medic

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This sounds really awesome! Can't wait to seenspme of your work!

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Well guys. Welcome to my ADGTH fan fic profile. If you want to ask any qustions, ask away lol

Just put them here, or if you want them private, just PM me. Eather way, fine by me:cool:

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