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Detail Valentino

Full Name: Valentino D'Agostino
Nickname(s): Tino
Sex: Male
Age: 5 yrs. old (35 in human yrs.)
D/O/B and Location: November 12, 1934; Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York City, New York
Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix
Personality: Valentino is a man ready to cheat, lie, and steal in order to get his way.  He is very street smart, having practically lived on the streets for all of his life, and Tino is a bit arrogant and pushy. He is stubborn, but will take time to consider other's opinions on things, though that doesn't mean he'll follow their advise, and this can sometimes bring up an argument between him and whoever he's talking with. Valentino's a hard worker, but a bit of a show off; he is a tough guy and isn't afraid to follow through on his threats; he calls them "promises" so that one would know that he has means of following through on them, but then again, Tino IS the kind of guy to break some promises. Even though he's a lier and makes constant threats on others' lives, Valentino has a soft side for family and won't let anything-or anyone-harm them.

Crush: No one
Mate/Wife: None
Puppies: None
Friends: Carface (before), Charlie (but he believes him to be dead), Itchy, Matteo, and Casper
Enemies: Carface

History: Valentino was born in the Bensonhurst borough of New York and during the early 1930's, that was a tough place to live.
Valentino lived on the streets for most of his life; being abandoned at a young age, the small dog had to painstakingly teach himself how to survive on his own. By watching other strays and humans who weren't so fortunate, he learnt to steal from others with stealth, bribe and cheat his way out of trouble or, in most cases, into trouble. Tino was able to live this life for his remaining year in Brooklyn. When he was nearly two years of age, Valentino got adopted by this family and the mutt absolutely hated his new life; they, the humans, kept petting him and touching him, they made the dog wear a collar an gave him a bath.  Tino's new family moved to New Orleans in the summer of 1936 in a pickup truck. He wasn't able to sit in the cab with the rest of the family and was forced into the truck bed with tons of the humans' belongings. By the grace of someone up above, when they were finally in Louisiana, the family pulled over to a rest stop and Valentino saw his chance and bailed.
Being stuck in an unfamiliar territory with nothing on but a collar with tags showing his name, address and, on the tag's back, who owned him, Valentino did the only thing he could think of: he managed to get the collar off, threw it into the Pontchartrain and stuck to the streets. Though he knew he was going to hate this town right away, he figured that it was better than reuniting with his family and shuttered at the thought. Valentino told himself that he was going to have to get used to hot, muggy weather and mind-boggling inches of rainfall; it was a "live or die" situation right now.
After a while, Valentino started to use his street smarts again. He stole some money from a couple of oblivious New Orleans citizens and got him a shirt and vest tailored by some mutt in some outfitter store down there, and he robbed the shop for a bow tie afterwards.
With nothing else to do, the mix breed spent about two weeks just wandering the city and stealing from others until he heard of this casino in the bay called  "Carface and Charlie's Casino." The name itself told him that this place wasn't worth spending a dime at, but since he was very, very, bored, Valentino forced himself to go anyway.
When he got to the bayou, he saw that the "casino" was actually fashioned out of an abandoned oil tanker, but he heaved a sigh and hesitantly entered.
After a while, Tino started to like the place; it was filled to the rim with tons of dogs,  keno machines galore, poker and craps tables, and very pretty women. Valentino knew right then and there that he was in heaven.
He hadn't played a good game of poker in a while, but since he was titled "the king of poker" back home in Brooklyn, he felt as if he had nothing to worry about and went ahead and played. And he didn't have anything to worry about; Valentino won several games of poker without really trying and the large crowd of gamblers around the table caught the eye of the casino's owners: Carface Carruthers and Charlie B. Barkin. After the three talked for a good, long while, Valentino agreed to becoming their new partner.
Things went well with the three partners, but when Valentino brought up that Carface still hadn't put his name on the casino's sign after he had been working with him and Charlie for a good three months now, Carface snapped at him about being pushy and impatient and Tino let the comment slide off and let the topic be after that, something that the corgi mix rarely did.
Now into his third year working at "Carface and Charlie's", Tino knew something was about to happen, something bad; he had this little nagging feeling in the back of his head that told him he needed to cut ties with the two gambling dogs now, but he was still caught up in greed a bit and forced the feeling away. After a while, he realized that Carface was becoming more and more of an...well, a very bad person to be around and soon Charlie winded up in the pound and the bulldog went out to the sign and scratched out Charlie's name. Valentino thought about making a statement, "So you're finally going to put my name up there," but decided on not even saying anything to Carface just in case he wanted to argue again.
When Charlie unexpectedly showed back up at the tanker after getting bailed out the pound by his close friend Itch Itchford, Valentino was glad to see that his buddy hadn't wasted to nothing but skin and bones. Unlike him, Carface was extremely infuriated by his "partner's" return. The bulldog hid it well to the others, but Tino saw right through it.
When Mardi Gras came around, Carface invited Charlie to celebrate his return down town and the German shepherd dog agreed. Valentino had been invited as well, but that nagging feel had returned and the dog turned down the offer. Later on that night, he got wind of Charlie's death from Itchy; apparently, after getting smashed, Carface and some of his henchmen, including that shaky guy, Killer, blindfolded Charlie and took him to the dock. There, Carface had his car run the other dog down and knocked him into the water where he drowned.
Outraged, the Brooklynese dog sought out his old boss only to be hunted down himself. Valentino, after figuring out that he was being trailed, was chased into an alley and beaten nearly to death by some of Carface's guys. The bulldog was there to see it all happen, too. They left Valentino to bleed to death in the alley, but he summoned all the remaining strength he could and got himself out of the backstreet and got some help.
He was pretty sure that Carface knew he was still in existence but that was not going to stop Valentino D'Agostino from getting his revenge. He still never had his name placed on the casino's sign after all.

Likes: Money, beautiful women, gambling and the casinos, New York and Brooklyn, fast cars and cigars, getting his way, cheating others out of their money
Dislikes: Carface, Louisiana, how the people down there speak (their accent/dialect, the names they call things, their little "bowl" New Orleans, their rain...the only thing he doesn't hate about Louisiana is their alligator skin products); he hates the police and whoever works with them, cigarettes

Fur Color: Dusty brown
Marking Colors: Dark brown and white
Eye Color: Purple
Clothing: A light blue, pinstripe button-up shirt, a black vest and bow tie
Voice/Accent: I don't have a voice actor for him yet, but he does have an Brooklyn-Italian accent
Quote: "That is a promise, not a threat."

Relationship to All Dogs Go to Heaven Source: He used to work alongside Carface and Charlie at their casino in Louisiana, but then things went sour and  after Charlie's "death" and a few incidents where Carafce tried to murder Tino as well, the Corgi mix lost all respect for the bulldog and is plotting to get his revenge.

Note: This is his official bodyshot, standing on two legs. Sometimes the characters in ADGTH are bipedal as well, but if you, mods, want me to change his picture to him on all fours, then I'll do so.


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