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Created by : Acrylic Paint

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Sharon

Full Name: Sharon L. Hughes

Name Meaning: It's a Biblical name of a valley in Palestine; meaning plain, level ground

Age: 4 years old (Deceased)

Birthdate and location: August 15, 1934 in Los Angeles, California

Death date and location: March 2, 1938 in Los Angeles, California

Sex: Female

Breed: German shepherd and Greyhound

Personality: Born in the city of "the angels', Sharon has a love for up-to-date and expensive things in life, nothing she owned while living in California was "old"; before she died, Sharon was very selfish and used to being spoiled (and she still is) Her stubborn attitude can become a problem sometimes and she can be quite mean, but her bubbly demeanor keeps others wanting to hang around her, even if she disses them. Sharon prefers for things to go her way and absolutely hates getting dirty and tends to avoid the areas where grim, filth, and disease are common at.

Parents: Jason and Courtney Huges

Siblings: None

Crush: Desmond; open

Mate: May be her crush later on

Puppies: None for now

History: She was born and raised in LA with both of her wonderful parents. As a puppy, Sharon was a pampered, spoiled brat; everything she asked for, her mother and father managed to retrieve for their "darling" daughter. When they died, however, Sharon had to get accustomed to getting things done by herself...that was until she found a clique to hang with. All of the original girls were very popular amongst the males of the area, and most of the females were jealous of them or hated their stuck up attitudes, and the three of them never gave much thought into letting Sharon join in their little group. Later they realized that they had made an unfortunate mistake; Sharon shot up to the "top ranking" female of the clique and she bossed them around like they had did her not too long ago; also, the shepherd mix drew the attention away from the other three girls, who were mostly sulking in the background whenever Sharon was around. Together, the plotted against their newest member, wanting to "get her out as soon as possible".
Sharon, on the other hand, was enjoying her once-again popular lifestyle, which was short-lived. On March 1, 1938, Sharon drowned to death in a deadly flood that devastated Orange County, California, which was where she was currently living at the time, as a result of heavy rainfall during February.  Sharon was not able to escape her flooded house in time.
The next thing she knew, Sharon was opening her eyes to an upside-down, blue, cloud-filled sky. Sitting rightside-up, the German shepherd mix examined her surroundings until a pink whippet literally poofed in front of her. The pink dog explained that she was Annabelle and that Sharon was in Heaven. Of course, Sharon put up a humongous fuss about her not being able to return home to continue her title as "the most popular dog in California", but Annabelle had no interest in the other's earthy desires. Soon, Sharon became accustomed to her new Heavenly way of life, and after she took a peek down on Earth to see how everyone was fairing without her. She soon spotted a lonesome-looking dog walking in the allies around the nearest area unaffected by the flood and took a liking to him. Later, Annabelle sent Sharon on a mission to make sure that Itchy Itchford wouldn't injure himself while building Charlie's Place. Sharon was delighted to take the job since she wouldn't have to hear Annabelle's annoying voice every two seconds, and when she arrived on Earth, she discovered that the male whom she saw in California was visiting New Orleans and they introduced themselves; his name was Desmond. Things couldn't have been any better, but she still would have to make an unfortunate return to Heaven once her mission was finished.

Likes: Desmond, being popular and spoiled, people, cameras, males, expensive things

Dislikes: Being ignored, rude people, old and tattered things, "ugly" people, having to keep Itchy from accidentally killing himself

Hates: She really hates being ignored and called ugly when she's clearly the "most beautiful dog in California"  >:|

Fears/Phobias: She has extreme thalassophobia and is more comfortable when distanced from the Lake Pontchartrain

Her Relation to the All Dogs Go to Heaven Universe: She was sent on a mission by Annabelle to insure Itchy's safety while he built the Charlie's Place bar in New Orleans


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