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Meph L. Slumdog

Meph L. Slumdog


Created by : Ansem555

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Black

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Meph L. Slumdog


Name: Meph Lucifer Slumdog

Age: Young adult

Breed: Mutt (Mostly Doberman and German Shepherd, Great Dane, Retriever, Collie, and Irish Setter)

Parents: Joey and Rosa


Mate: Elliot

Personality: Mostly like his father, but he does have a bit of a darker side.

Appearance: Mainly black, scruffy fur, a semi-tan underside, dark tan muzzle, dark brown paws and saddle design on his back, green eyes.

Likes: Trying to act like Joey, Rosa, being top dog, dark stories, Duncan (only slightly, until he gets older) street fighting.

Dislikes: Being put down, being made fun of (though he does tolerate it), Sam (because she likes to be leader).

  When Meph was born he was one of the toughest of the lot, besides Sam. He likes to act like a bad boy like his father, but stays with his mother because deep down he's a momma's boy. When she would read stories he was always disapointed with the happy endings, feeling they were a bit to sun-shiney. He then found some dark stories that he liked that had a mix of good and bad, which satisfied him.
  He likes to roam the streets by himself, but avoids Sam or Duncan (with Zak) if there is an alley because he likes to be by himself. Since he liked to hide in the shadows a lot he gave himself the nickname 'Nighthound', and only has a few close friends. He used to make fun of Duncan a lot, but after he and his Uncle Zak saved him from being swept away in the ocean when he was at the beach, he gained respect for them both. He figured maybe he should actually try to get to know his bro and Uncle instead of avoiding them all the time, and is slowly making progress.
  When he became older, he began to box like his dad and grandfather, getting scars like his grandpa. But the controlled setting grew boring from him, and he wanted something more challenging. Soon he began to street fight, a free no mans land for powerful dogs. He loved the atmosphere, and reveled in beating other dogs down at first, but when his family heard about it they told him to settle down a bit and got the more horrible instincts under control, keeping him a good dog. He gained many scars from fights, bringing home a lot of bones to keep the two families in his home running.
  But one day in a particularly bad scrap, he barely won his match at the cost of his left eye,which went blind from the fight. He's on a hiatus for fighting to adjust to his new sight , and has enough bones to live with until he gets back into the fray on the streets. He is protective of his sister Mel due to her nearly being killed, and doesn't trust Phillip, who is making advances on her but he thinks it's another plot to kill her.

Related to ADGTH:
He is Charlie and Sasha's grandson, along with his siblings.

(Thank you Saske for letting me adopt him!)



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Yay for Meph! 8D

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YAAAAY he's finally up 8D I was waiting for him x3

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