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Main type : Fan character

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Detail Elliot




Name: Elliot
Breed: Mutt
Age: 49 in dog years
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Pups: None, but he adopts strays
Mate: Meph
Personality: A bit of a bully and a tough guy, but has a soft spot for pups or anyone he befriends
Likes: Smoking, pups, boxing
Dislikes: Thinking about his title loss, losing fights
  Elliot was a tough boxer dog, the toughest in his ring. He hadn't lost a match and was top dog all around. He took on any challenger, big or small, whoever wanted a go at him. He was a lot kinder, pleasant to be around.
  But it all changed when he faced William Slumdog, his toughest fight. They were at it for a long time, and for the large hound it felt like hours, but it was the end of his reign as the top fighter. He was courteous in the ring, but resented his loss, but never resented Will.
  From that day on he grew bitter, feeling like he was a useless waste of space if he couldn't even be the top boxing champ in his alley. He heard rumors that Will had found himself a mate right after their fight, which made him even gloomier since he never had one even in his reign as champ.
  He never had a rematch, knowing he lost fair and square, but out of instinct to feel tougher than most he took up smoking and was a bully to any dog about. He let his size do the talking, and he stole from a lot of places to feed himself and, not many knew it, some pups he had adopted.
  No matter how rough and tough he tried to act, he always had a soft spot for pups, and though he would growl and huff at them they loved him as he was. He dropped his bad habits around them such as smoking, and when he had to steal he would lecture them that he only took what he needed and that they should try to never follow his example.
  He still hasn't found a mate, though he has been trying. He's had no interest in the local females around, and hopes to find someone in his taste. Though he hangs in the background, he goes to the local boxing matches, thinking he may find a mate there. The dogs there were his taste, but he doubted any would be interested in him. He's hoping to find a guy that would like him for who he is, and may be just what he needs to break out of his cold shell.

Related to ADGTH:
He was Will's rival, and he goes to the Fleabite to steal some food now and then to feed himself and his (as he calls the pups to keep the rough act up) bunkmates.

(Lineart (c) Alffis)




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Ohohoh what a nice yet tough guy we have here! xD
He should meet Flo!

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