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Main type : Fan character

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

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Detail Aurora

Full Name: Aurora Dawn Borealis


Gender: Female

Breed: Old English Sheepdog / German Shepherd/ Irish Wolfhound

Parents: ?x?

Sibblings: None

Owner: Lt. Philip Oscar

Mate: Espee Timothy (c) Meridian {Chaos}

Pups: None Yet

Likes: Espee, staying out of trouble, running, protecting a friend or loved one, and swimming.

Dislikes: Snobby dogs, rude dogs, and mean people.

Personality: Aurora was born with a very protective instinct, making her a good military dog. She has a very bad habbit for judging books by their cover, and is very aloof with strangers. Inspite of all that, Aurora is a very sweet, kind, and loyal. Her owner, Lt. Philip, is her number one priority, and will not let any strange dogs near him. She is a hopeless romatic, and has been through many relationships, good and bad. Aurora has a very short temper, and will snap very quickly.

Voice Actor: Christina Aguilera

History: A retiried military veteren, Aurora has been though a lot of hardships, and trouble. She was originaly a border pratrol dog, with her three friends: Target, Ambush, and Radar. The three of them where chosen for a military program, and started their training when they turned two. After about a year of training on a military base, they where sent on a helecopter to Afghanistan. Target and Ambush where ahead of Radar and Aurora, and where sent to help on the front lines.

They became very popular with the troops, and would hang around them quite often. After a few months, Aurora fell in love with Radar, and had their first litter of pups. When Radar and Aurora's pups where about 3 months old, tragdity stuck. A bomber deninated C4 right outside the base. It killed Aurora's pups, Radar, Target and Ambush. Aurora fell into a deep depression, and was sent home with Lt. Philip, who took care of her before her pups where born.

Now, Aurora lives with Lt. Philip and his three kids in NYC. She enjoyed their company, and cheered her up after the tragity. Lt. Philip's kid, Alley, gave her a medal, for all she's been through, and that's what made Aurora almost completely forget about what happened.

Relation to ADGTH: Her owner, Lt. Philip, is the child of Annemarie, and she is a bar tender at the Fleabite

Theme Song: Moves like Jagger


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