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Archibald F Redfield

Archibald F Redfield


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Detail Archibald F Redfield


Name: Archibald F Redfield

Gender: Male

Breed: German Shepherd

 Age : 34 ( In Dog Years )


Likes: Itchy, Charlie, Ann Marie, Annabelle, Frankie , Vivian , Tucker ,Elliot , Police Service , Treats , Good Fights and Heaven

Dislikes: Death , Carface, Killer

Personality: Loyal, brave, protective, determined , Open minded to things that is important to him and Quick - Witted .


Parents: Nixon R Redfield and Marion Redfield

Siblings: Carter W Redfield , Dwight E Redfield , Lyndun B Redfield , Roovevelt C Redfield 

Pups: None yet


Mate: Not Yet


History: Archibald Fritzgerald Redfield was born to Nixon and Marion Redfield , two German Shepard in a apartment in The Bronx , New York in a litter of 5 . He was the second oldest of his brothers , who were named after the past Presidents of the America except Archibald who was named after a famous English King .When he was about 8 weeks home , Archibald was adopted by a police officer name Peter whose Uncle owned Nixon and Marion. Peter trained him into a police dog and Archibald spent many happy years in the Redfield family fighting against crime . He meets a Jack Russell name Franklin after saving him from a gang of stray dogs and become very best friends with him . But one night when he was only just three years old, when he was on duty he was cashing a robber along the train tracks when he got run over by a train leaving the robber to escape with a bag of money .

He dies and meets Annabelle , who sends him back in time to 1939 to keep a eye on Charlie . While he was looking around New Orleans he meets Tucker , a bussiness dog , who just lost his bussiness to Carface . Archibald asks him questions about where Charlie is , Tucker takes him to the scrapyard and introduces him to Charlie . He , Tucker and Charlie become best friends and helps him to make Charlie`s Place . While he was making the club , he plays poker with a rough collie name , Del , who is Flo`s older brother .While he was in the church with Charlie taking care of Anne - Marie , Ichy runs in and tells Archibald   that Tucker died in the fire. Archibald was upset and runs to the burning bulding which he finds Tucker dead . In spirit , Tucker tells him that Anne-Marie has been capture by Carface and telll everyone with Ichy . When he finds Anne - Marie , he decides to tell Del that he is a spirit keeping  a eye on Charlie and then fades away telling Del that they will meet again . Anna - Belle was so please with Archibald that she sent him 3 lives to Archibald and returns him to Earth .When he returns to Earth , he is found by his owner at his deathplace , who then moves to San Francisco were Peter becomes a Police Comissioner so he is in both SFPD and the NYPD services. Peter and his wife , Susan adopt a german shepard puppy that reveles to be Archibald`s nephew ( Dwight`s son ) . They name it Rex after his uncle favourite actor , Rex Harrison . While on duty in San Francisco in a bar he meet Tucker again , who then introduces him to Vivian , the English Setter  .      


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