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Created by : cinnamonjenna

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Arch

Birthname: Archangel M. (Marie) La Fleur

Goes By: "Arch," "Ah-Marie" and/or "Archy {Ark-ee}" (called by Charlie)

Gender: Fae

Birthday: December twenty-third 1997

Current Year: 2000

Currently: Three years of age

Status: Alive

Parentage: Born to Sasha La Fleaur & Charlie Barkin {deceased}

{Currently being re-worked}

History: {AU} After returning the Gabriel's Horn, Charlie supposdly returned to Heaven. Though he wasn't given his second chance at life, he was allowed a number of hours (24-48) to say goodbyes and prepare for his return to the land of the decased. Over this period, Charlie spent the majority with Sasha, who couldn't seem to understand nor deal with why Charlie was unable to stay, and grew angry when the two were forced to part. A number of months later, Sasha found herself to be preganant after what she had thought, had been only a one night stand with the German Shepherd. Feeling lost and unsure, David, though unable to speak with Sasha after Charlie's depature, invites her to stay with his family as a pet. 

Months later, Sasha gives birth to five pups, Arch, Charly, Halo, Feather, and Flo, whom she rasies under the care of David. As the pups grew, Sasha's depression over Charlie's return to Heaven grew, until she was unable to think let alone speak about him. The pups, curious about their parentage, tempt to lure the information from their mother in a number of different ways which result in Sasha breaking down and creating a quite elaborate lie about how awful and selfish etc etc Charlie was and why he left. And though  she knew it was all lies, Sasha was unable to bring herself to accept, let alone tell her pups the truth about her father and where he really was.  As they grew, many of the pups grow to no longer care about theabsence of their father, Arch in particular withdraws inside herself, which prevents her from being adopted, as potential owners fear there is something wrong with her, etc etc. As the lone remainder of her mother's litter, Arch continues to live with David. The passing of her mother a few short years later, reknews Arch's spirit and she decides she must find her father and understand why he allowed her mother to fall into such a breakable state. Charlie, seeing this resentment and hatred inside his child, forces him to seek help in Annabelle in who he pleads to allow him to return to Earth for three days, in hopes of reawkening happiness and love inside his child.

Personality: Arch is rather melo-dramatic, grumpy, hot-headed. She tends to anger easily, and it's rather hard to earn her trust. She perfers being alone. Her self-coniousness and constant anxiety prevent her from talking very much.

Voice: Gwenth Paltrow

Relation to ADGTH: She's the offspring of CharliexSasha



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