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Created by : OFWGKTA

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Black

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail .Deasare.


 NAME: Deasare (Des-uh-ray)

GENDER: Female

AGE: Young adult

PARENTS: Unknown


MATE: None

PUPS: None

BF: None(OPEN)


CRUSHERS: Ichy and Manfred
FRIENDS: Most people in Sanfrancisco

GANG/CREW:  “Mutt Kings”

RIVALS: A couple other gangs


LIKES:  Her owner, her owners mofia, having fun, winning card games, laughing, being in a gang, her gang members, telling jokes, running, pulling pranks on people, being known, laughing, hanging out with her friends, walking around Sanfrancisco with Charlie and Ichy, bartending at the Flee Bite, giving Sasha a bad time, and listening to music

DISLIKES: Liars, sassy dogs, girly girls, people who are too afraid to man up, backstabbers, rivals gang members, people who over react, quitters,  siches, pounds, when someone is being mean to AJ; Charlie; Ichy; and Sasha, some sort of ringing noise, and if some one is rude or broke a deal with her owner

PERSONALITY: Deasare is very tuff and hotheaded. But supriseingly she is nice but only to people she knows. She is very protective of her gang members and her friends even Sasha. But because of being raised tuff and being strong Deasare expects that out of everyone. Deasare is funny and good at telling jokes. She is not afraid to tell you what she thinks about you or what she has against you. She is a little ghetto but she does have at least a little class

VOICE: Kim Kardashian

THEME SONG: “Function” By: E-40 Ft. YG, Problem & Iam SU

HISTORY: Being raised by one parent was alittle tuff. Deasare and AJ’s mom was asassined by a rival gang that Deasare’s mom and dad had. Deasare’s father was always so tuff on them. But Deasare would just ignore that. One day AJ and Deasare were walking around Sanfrancisco. A street dog came up and started to circle around them. The street dog was teaseing them by saying “So I heard your moms… dead. And your father oh what happened to him?” Then the street dog started to ask them questions. Strange questions. But AJ was stupid enough to answer them. Right when the street dog was about to kill Deasare and AJ their father came out and killed the street dog. When Deasare and AJ got home they oth got hit for running off and getting themselves into danger. But Deasare’s father wasn’t abusseive he’s just very stric. But as the months went by it was time for Deasare and AJ to get adopted. One of Deasare’s father’s owner’s friend adopted Deasare. The man who adopted Deasere was named Jayce. He runned one of the most powerful mofia in Sanfrancisco. Jayce was crude but fair. Since Jayced lived in very strict and hard it changed Deasare’s attitude to a sweet inecontt girl to a hard girl fighter. Deasare’s job at her owner’s mofia was to kill the people who broke “”fair”” deals and people who wouldn’t pay money when the money was due. But Deasare isn’t really that mean to people. Desare now is in a gang with her brother and his girlfriend and also works at the flee bite.

WEARINGS: She has a white spiked color which is required if you join her gang.

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Awesome! Good job! :3

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