Sasha and Rita

Sasha and Rita

Sultry ladies.

Okay. Hello everyone. I recently watched the cartoon "Oliver & Company". And it's pretty good, energetic and positive cartoon comedy. A little later, I watched  "All Dogs Go to Heaven 1 and 2". And I found something strange, interesting, but also very controversial.

It is two dogs. Sasha (ADGTH) and Rita (Oliver and Company). Actually, I do not mind when the characters have some common characteristics. Sasha's character design was based on Rita's character design. And that's pretty cool. We see the hot girls (in this case, talking dogs) with unique, but several similar temperaments. They have their own lives, their own adventures and preferences. But sometimes such borrowing may indicate a lack of imagination.


Yeah, they are very similar.


But, in fact, I love both characters. Sasha is wonderful singer, kind and caring friend, a brave and loyal dog. Rita is  bold, insightful, agile, a bit hardish, strong and loving. In addition, one of twins doberman pinschers feels uneven breathing to her.


But they are very much alike.


Okay. I'm talking about appearance. They have lush hair, thin eyebrows, half-closed eyes , melodious and purred voice , graceful gait and elegant body. The structure is the same.


Moreover, the concept was clearly made with reliance on Rita.

Hmm, on the concept art Sasha is more like on its prototype. One gets the impression that in the initial development this character should has been more liberated and more passionate.


But it's still awesome.


What I wanted to say. Always and everywhere there are imitators, that inspired and create their own, or just make plagiarism, because they have no imagination. But there are some differences. Sasha, although the main character, is just a love interest for Charlie. She exerts its wonderful qualities, but its involvement in relation to Charlie only  in this vein (not sturdy loyal friendship, only love interest, but they communicate enough to know exactly whether they are suitable to each other; and this is good). Rita stands on a post of the central character, but she is a versatile character. She is in the team (and Rita is only female on the team), has friendly relations with other dogs, with Dodger she has more a friendship than romantic relationships. She takes an active part in the team. In my opinion, Rita is more interesting and attractive character than Sasha.


Rita and Sasha are similar, but each of these characters is great.

Thanks for reading.

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